Customise Send Enquiry Form

Adding new fields

A few members have been asking how to customise the send enquiry form so below is a quick example.

Let’s say for some reason we wanted to add a “Website” field to the form and have it send it to us as a link.

You can position the field in many different places as there are many different actions on the form, you can see them all here:

For our example we will add the website field below the “Contact Info” field.
You would add the below code (minus the “<?php” part which will already be included in your file) to your theme functions.php

The code for adding the field to the form:

The code to add the info submitted to the email output.

Of course more complicated examples could be used but we tried to keep this simple so it could be built on easily 🙂

Published by Stiofan O'Connor

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