• 1. Getting started (18)

    Things you need to know to install your GeoDirectory plugin, and how to get started with your new directory website.
  • 2. Core plugin (19)

    Review all the settings of the core GeoDirectory plugin.
  • 3. Addons (3)

    Documentation for the GeoDirectory Premium plugins to extend your GeoDirectory site and make it a money making global directory toolkit.
  • 4. Themes (5)

    Instructions and FAQs for GeoDirectory themes and child themes, and help for using GeoDirectory with other themes.
  • 5. Tips and Tricks (21)

    Tips and tricks, as well as information about known issues.
  • 6. Translation (12)

    How to translate GeoDirectory and its addons.
  • 7. Memberships and Support (5)

    Learn more about GD memberships and buying addons from ThemeTailors etc.
  • 8. Developers (2)

    Documentation and code snippets for developers.