GD Core Plugin – General options

These are the sections you will find when you install the GeoDirectory Core (free) plugin only:

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On this page:

General – Google Analytics – Search – Dummy Data

GeoDirectory > General

Below is an image showing where to find the options, and below the image is a video giving you a visual tutorial of the general setup:

General tab

Sender name:

This is the name of the email sender that will appear in emails sent from GeoDirectory.

Email address:

This is the email address that will be used to send email from GeoDirectory.
It is recommended to use an email address from the same domain as your GD installation to minimise your emails being marked as spam.

Allow user to see wp-admin area: 

This option allows you to block normal users from the wp-admin area; if this is enabled a user trying to visit wp-admin will just be redirected to your home page.  We understand you may need to allow users to access wp-admin for some reasons so we provide this option.

Allow user to choose own password:

This allows new users to choose their own password at registration, rather than having a random password sent to them.

Disable rating on comments

Tick here if you like reviews on your site, but do not want users to give star ratings.

User deleted posts go to trash

Your users can delete their listings, but here you can choose if you’d like them to be permanently deleted straightaway or you want to move them to the temporary trash, so they can be restored by an administrator if required.

Max upload file size(in mb)

Limit any file upload for any GD upload features.

Select CPT to disable physical location

This option will only be here if the Custom Post Type addon is activated.

If you want a CPT without any addresses, select the CPT here. For example, online businesses etc

Google Analytics tab

This tab allows you to setup Google Analytics so you can analyse your website traffic, and you can also make Google Analytics available to be shown to your users.

Please see this page for full setup instructions.

Search tab

Limit squared distance area to X miles (helps improve search speed):  

This setting is used when you make a search using the “Near” box.
If there was no setting here then any search would return every result matching your search term ordered by distance from the “Near” location. This is OK on a small site but if your site has thousands or more listings, then this can slow the search results down.
This setting will limit the search to only listings within X square miles of the “Near” location.
For example if you set the setting to 25 and did a search for Food Near: empire state building it would only return listings within a 25 square miles area of the empire state building, or within a radius of about 4 miles.

Show search distances in miles or km:  

This option will show search result distances in either miles of kilometers.

If distance is less than 0.01 show distance in meters or feet:

If distances are less than 1/100 th of a mile or kilometer, then ticking this option will show the result in feet or meters.

Add location specific text to (Near) search for Google

  1. You can use this option if your directory is limited to one restricted area such as New York or Australia.
  2. Example:
    1. If you have a directory for Canada only, you would enter Canada in this field.
    2. That will then restrict a search for London to the city of London in Canada, rather than finding no listings in London in the United Kingdom.
  3. Review how the search works here.
  4. Leave this setting blank if you are using default country, regions etc with the multilocation addon; any default locations selected there are automatically added to this option.

Individual word search limit

  1. With this option you can limit individual words being searched for, for example searching for “on the hill” would return results with words like “The Spoon Shop or Theme parties” or Once upon a time.
  2. You can exclude these types of short words if you wish.
  3. You have three options:
  4. 1 character words excluded: This will ignore any single character being searched, for example if a visitor searches for “a hairdresser“, the search will not return all listings where it finds the letter “a“.
  5. 2 character words and less excluded: Similarly, for example if a visitor searches for “on a hill“, the search will not return all listings where it finds the letter “a” or “on” within a word.
  6. 3 character words and less excluded: Similarly, for example if a visitor searches for “on the hill“, the search will not return all listings where it finds the letter combination of “on” or “the” within a word.

Dummy Data tab

This step will add a few categories and listings to your site, so you can get a feel of what is possible with your GeoDirectory site. You will be able to delete them later.
Once your site has loaded the dummy data, an option to delete the data will be available. Your normal listings will not be affected by the removal of the dummy data.

Installing the dummy data is explained as part of the basic installation document.