Events Addon – Overview

Introduction Visit the demo events page
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The GeoDirectory Events Addon is a custom post type specifically designed for the way events usually are prioritized by dates.

With this plugin you can let users add their events to your site. Events are ordered by upcoming date by default. Users can enter recurring dates for their events instead of having to create lots of separate events. As this is also a custom post type you have the usual ability to add custom fields and sort options.

Events perfectly integrates with all other GeoDirectory addons:

Visit the demo events page


After uploading and activating the Addon, you will be taken to the Settings page:

WordPress Admin > GeoDirectory > Event Settings.

Events Settings

User navigation

Once activated, you will need to visit the Navigation page to enable your users to add their events to your site:

WordPress Admin > GeoDirectory > Design > Navigation

All other settings are accessed at WordPress Admin > GeoDirectory > Event Settings

General settings

Default event filter

  • Your visitors can filter the events to show only upcoming events (today + future), today’s events (today only), past events (yesterday and before), or all events together.
  • The Default event filter settings will set the initial choose on the events page.
Disable Recurring Feature

  • When your users add an event, they will be able to add
    • A one-off event, either a full day event, or start and finish can be nominated.
    • Recurring events: dayly, weekly, monthly, yearly or custom (pick all applicable dates), either as full day events, or start and finish can be nominated.
  • The Disable Recurring Feature setting will restrict event submissions to one-off events only.

Custom fields

Sorting options

  • When your visitors visit your events page, they will be presented with a drop down menu that allows them to filter the events.
  • You can change how they can filter the events by organizing the sorting options in this tab.
  • Visit this page to learn more about sorting options.

Linked events settings

  • When you activate the Events addon, a new option will be added for the detail page.
  • To change these settings, in your admin area, go to GeoDirectory > Design > Detail > Linked events settings.
  • The settings there should be self-explanatory.