1. Review this article to change the way the address is displayed in each separate area and to add HTML to the output: Changing the layout of addresses
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  3. By default only the street address shows if you choose to display the address in the map bubble.
    You can also show the city, region, country or postcode by adding any or all of the following CSS:

    .geodir-bubble-meta-side .geodir_more_info.post_address span[itemprop="streetAddress"] +br {display: initial;} /* Adds a line break after the street address */
    .geodir-bubble-meta-side .geodir_more_info.post_address span[itemprop="addressLocality"] {display: initial;} /* Makes the city show */
    .geodir-bubble-meta-side .geodir_more_info.post_address span[itemprop="addressLocality"]:after {content: ", ";} /* Adds a comma and a space after the city */
    .geodir-bubble-meta-side .geodir_more_info.post_address span[itemprop="addressCountry"] {display: initial;} /* Makes the country show */
    .geodir-bubble-meta-side .geodir_more_info.post_address span[itemprop="postalCode"] {display: initial;} /* Makes the postcode show */
    .geodir-bubble-meta-side .geodir_more_info.post_address span[itemprop="addressRegion"] {display: initial;} /* Makes the region show */

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