Mixed content errors can cause a wide variety of issue for a site. This is an especially common issue for sites that are just now changing to “https” URL by adding an SSL certificate. What happens is, your main site URL has changed, but not all of the LINKS and RESOURCES on your site have been updated to the new URL. If your old images are still at an “http” URL (oh no!) and so the images might not even show up, or appear to be missing.

See this page for instructions on how to open the chrome console to view errors like these.

Problems that can be created by mixed content issues:

  • Images appear to be missing
  • Map doesn’t load, appears ‘greyed out’
  • Search isn’t returning correct/any results
  • Facebook or other integrations aren’t functional
  • SSL indicator in browser says “Your connection is not secure” even though you did add an SSL certificate.



Every host offers a technical method for adding an SSL certificate, and we have covered that on our blog here. You can also read about other methods here.

Short term – Cover up the mixed-content symptoms

You can use a plugin to “cover up the symptoms” of mixed content. This can be a good quick fix, but it puts a small strain on your site, and doesn’t actually fix the underlying problem. It is also another plugin that you have to keep installed and on all the time. Here are some instructions. There is nothing wrong with using this for a quick fix while you work on a real solution.

Address the Cause and Change “http” to “https” in your database”

We recommend going a step further to replace your old http URLs with shiny new HTTPS URLs using the
“Better Search Replace” plugin from WordPress. You can follow this link to instructions for how to search and replace any text in your database. To change the URLs, you would search for http://mysite and replace with https://mysite.

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