CSS to Unhide the Listing Page Title H1


body.sd #geodir_content > header.entry-header {
display: block;

CSS to Unhide the Footer on the Search and Listings Pages

Supreme search and listings pages show the listings in a scroll area on the left with a fixed height to keep the page from scrolling. This requires hiding the footer. If you want to unhide the footer, you can do it with this CSS, but it may result in a scroll bar on the page.

.sd.search.geodir-page .site-footer, .sd.archive.geodir-page .site-footer {
    display: block!important;

Special Content for each Category (Listing) page

Visit your category and add your special content to the “Category Top Description”. Next, visit the listing page for the category and your special content will be displayed at the top of the listings section.

Special Content for each Location (Listing) page

Visit your “Default Location” or GD > Multilocations > Manage Locations and fill in the description of the place. The content will then be displayed at the top of the listings section on the location page.

Set the Hero/Parallax Featured Image for all Listing Pages

All category and location Listing and Archive pages are “Listings” pages, and they all use the same “Posts Page” page template. If you choose to set a featured image for the Listing page, you set that image on the “Posts Page” and then that same featured image will be the same for all categories and location pages.
There are two ways to set the image:
Method 1
– Create a page “123Home” and another called “XYZPosts”
– Visit WP > Settings > Reading > Your Homepage displays
– Set Home page to “123Home”
– Set Posts page to “XYZPosts”
– Go to the “XYZPOsts” page, and edit the page. Set the featured image.
– Done
Method 2
If the Posts page gas no featured image, you can add the following to wp-config.php:

if ( ! defined( 'SD_DEFAULT_FEATURED_IMAGE' ) ) {
    define( 'SD_DEFAULT_FEATURED_IMAGE', "https://MYSITE.com/uploads/2017/11/featured.jpg" );

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