When your WordPress dashboard tells you that a GD plugin needs to be updated, best practice would be to follow these steps:
Only update your core GD plugin if you are able to update all your GD addons: GD is only guaranteed to work with the latest version of both core and addons, a mismatch of versions is very likely to lead to problems!

  1. Create a backup of all your files and database, for example copy all your website files using your FTP client like FileZilla and backup your database from your control panel.
    There are different ways to create backups, just make sure you know how to revert.
    (If you use cPanel, you can create a full backup with a single click)
  2. Then update the GD core plugin only. There is no need to de-activate first.
  3. Then update all the other GD plugins.
  4. Have a check of your public site and if you see any problems, go to your WP admin area > GeoDirectory > GD Tools, and run your database checks.
  5. The version of OpenSSL on your server needs to be at least 1.0 or you will not be able to update from your WP admin area. If updates are not working, get your host to check the OpenSSL version and update if required.
    If your OpenSSL version is older than that, you can update your addons using FTP only.

Setup Automatic Updates with WP Easy Updates
See the guide here: https://wpgeodirectory.com/docs/installing-addons/#updates

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