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The Franchise Manager allows users to submit listings for chains of businesses or franchises faster and allows directory owners to monetize those listings in a smarter way if combined with the Prices and Payments Addon.

After entering the main listing for a new Chain, fields of the Add Listing form can be locked. This way you can pre-populate most fields but allow the address, telephone number and email address to be entered separately for all branches of the chain. When the main listing is edited, locked fields are edited for all branches too.

If the Prices and Payments Addon is installed, you need to enable franchises for the price packages of your choice, and you can set a different price for the main listing and a different price for the extra branches.
If not using the Prices and Payments addon, franchises will automatically be activated for all of your listings.

A new tab appears in all listings belonging to a franchise, showing the other franchisees listings.

It is possible to browse the list of all franchisees belonging to the same chain in a regular listings page too.


Here are a few examples to give you an idea how you could use the Franchise Manager:

Main listingBranch listings
Fast food chainAll locations
Brewer of special beerAll distributors
Rock bandAll regular venues where the band plays
DieticianAll health centers visited regularly


Installation is done by uploading the ZIP file in the plugin section of your WordPress admin area.

Installing GD Addons



Once you activated the Franchise Manager, you will get a new set of settings in the GD admin panel:

Most settings at GD > Franchise Settings are straight forward.

First you need to select the Custom Post Type(s) where you want to enable the Franchise features:

If you are not using the Payments Manager, then a new option will be available in both the frontend and backend Add Listing form for that CPT:


Integration with the Pricing Manager addon

  1. If you are using the Payments Manager addon, then you will need to allow Franchises in the relevant price package before your users will have the option to use the franchise feature.
  2. You will first need to Enable Franchise in the price package and then save.
  3. Then re-edit the same price package to set the Franchise Cost and  the Franchises Limit.


Adding the main listing

  1. When the user add their main listing, they can lock selected fields for all the branch listings.
  2. The locked fields will be auto-populated in any branch listing submitted.
  3. If adding a franchise in the backend, these options will appear in the sidebar:

Adding the branch listings

  1. Branch listings can only be submitted by the same user that added the main listing.
  2. Branch listings need to be added from the front end.
  3. The custom fields locked by the main listing owner cannot be edited in the branch listings.
  4. If the main listing owner updates a locked field in the main listing, the same custom field will be updated in all branch listings.
    Example: a fast food chain has locked the special offer field, and can change that field on all branch listings to run a promotion in all the stores.

Price Options

If you are all setup and ready to sell the franchise listing option to your listing owner customers, then you will need to add the franchise option to at least once of your Price Packages. Go to:

GeoDirectory – Prices and Payments – Prices (tab) – Edit (choose a package to allow franchises)

Adjust the franchise options for the package as desired.