Stripe Payment Gateway Add-on Overview [deprecated]

This documentation is no longer current, Stripe is now available as an addon for WP Invoicing.

Read more here:

Using WP Invoicing with GeoDirectory Pricing Manager
Stripe Gateway for WP Invoicing


Stripe is an online payment processor that is gaining in stature among both developers and buyers, as an alternative to Paypal.

It allows brand owners to keep their checkout process within their own website, rather than direct users off-site to complete the transaction.

Now you can integrate Stripe payments seamlessly on your directory site, with this expansion to the GeoDirectory Prices and Payments add-on.


  1. Prices and Payments add-on ( Required )


  1. Visit ( Buy a subscription if Required )
  2. Navigate to My Account > Downloads ( Login if Required )
  3. Download GeoDir Stripe Payment Gateway zip file.
  4. Go to your WordPress site dashboard, Navigate to  Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin
  5. Browse and Upload the zip file you downloaded from
  6. Activate the plugin.


After plugin activation, navigate to Geodirectory > Prices and Payments > Payments  > Stripe > Settings

Stripe Settings

  1. Payment Method
    1. The title of the Payment Method.
    2. This title will be displayed to users.
  2. Is Active
    1. Is this payment method Active?
  3. Display Order
    1. Display order for frontend display.
    2. For example when set to 1 this will be displayed first.
    3. Note: Don’t use the same display order for all Payment Methods.
  4. Mode
    1. Live – All transactions will be real money transactions.
    2. Test mode (Sandbox) – All transactions will be dummy transactions.
  5. Secret Key
    1. To get Secret Key, Visit here
    2. secret
  6. Publishable Key
    1. To get Publishable Key, Visit here
    2. publisable
  7. Webhooks URL
    1. You must set this in your stripe account to match this value.
    2. In stripe see Your Account > Account Settings > Webhooks

Final View

When you click Pay and Publish button the following popup will be generated.