Translating countries and map directions

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Changing the map language and directions

The default language of your GeoDirectory maps is English, but you can change that to any language supported by Google maps. This is how:

  1. Go to your WP admin  area
  2. Navigate to GeoDirectory > Design > Map
  3. Under default map settings, change the language at Default map language

This will also change the directions given on any listing detail page, when visitors enter their address in the directions field below the map.

To translate other language strings related to your maps (like Enter Your Location below the map on the detail page), review the core translation article.

Translating country names

This only applies if you use the Location Manager (MultiLocations).

  1. Translate the countries in the language file of the core GD plugin (review the core translation article).
  2. In your WP admin area, navigate to GeoDirectory > MultiLocations > Translate Countries.
  3. Select the countries you want to translate, and click Update.
  4. This will change the country name and the country URL site-wide.

More information

Translating regions or cities

  1. Only countries can be translated, regions and cities cannot be translated.
  2. The name and slugs of regions and cities will be added as per the Map API.
  3. If you have a multi-language site with WPML, all regions and cities will have the same name and slug across the different languages.