Whoop Theme – Available Widgets

Available Widgets

Here is the list of widgets, added by whoop.

For GeoDirectory

  1. Your Next Review Awaits
  2. User Info
  3. Review of the Day

For GeoDirectory Events

  1. Are you interested?
  2. Popular & Latest Events

For BuddyPress

  1. Recent Activity
  2. Event Updates ( Also depends on GeoDirectory Events )
  3. Friends

For bbPress

  1. Today in Talk

Tip: All whoop widget names start with Whoop >   Example : Whoop > Your Next Review Awaits   So all whoop widgets can be easily found on widgets section when you search for Whoop >  using CTRL + F ( CMD + F on MAC )


Your Next Review Awaits


  1. Only logged in users can see this widget
  2. This widget fetches posts from current user’s bookmarks. ( User can bookmark a post from listing page by clicking bookmark button.)bookmark-button
  3. This widget needs upto 10 posts. So when not enough ( current user’s ) bookmarked posts available, it will look for some high rated posts which are not yet reviewed by current user.

User Info


  1. This widget displays logged in user’s information.
  2. The number 3 from above screenshot is user’s friend count. ( BuddyPress required )
  3. The number 8 from above screenshot is the number of reviews user posted.
  4. That Schenectady, NY part coming from Account Settings > Profile Info > My Hometown  ( BuddyPress required )
  5. Account Settings link can be found here.
  6. account-settings

Review of the Day


  1. This widget will be visible only when there is a Review of the Day available.
  2. You may have to set Review of the Day everyday.
  3. To set review of the day, Navigate to Comments 
  4. comments-page
  5. Under each comment ( Only reviews ), you can see a link named Mark as ROTD – ( Current Day and Date ). Clicking that link will mark that review as Review of the Day.
  6. mark-as-rotd
  7. If you would like to undo, you can click  Remove from ROTD – ( Current Day and Date )
  8. remove-from-totd

Are you interested? ( GeoDirectory Events required )


  1. Only logged in users can able to see this widget.
  2. This widget is applicable only for Events post type. For other post types, it won’t get displayed.
  3. Enroll ( I’m in, Sounds Cool ) buttons will be visible only for future events. i.e The current event’s event start date should be greater than current date.
  4. Users can undo their actions by clicking Cancel link.
  5. undo-enroll

Popular & Latest Events ( GeoDirectory Events required )


In the above screenshot, same widget is used 3 times with different widget names.

  1. You can use this widget to list popular events or latest events.
  2. You can set the widget listing type by selecting widget type. ( Refer the following screenshot )
  3. widget-type
  4. When you place the widget in main content, the layout will be displayed differently. It will display, Browse all events button, See event for links and the submitter info. ( refer other popular events in the above screenshot )

Recent Activity ( BuddyPress Required )


  1. This widget displays information about the recent activity.
  2. Only logged in users can see filter links. ( Near You, Friends and Your Activity)
  3. Activity will be recorded and displayed, when a user becomes a friend with another user.
  4. Activity will be recorded and displayed, when a user write a review for a place.

Event Updates ( BuddyPress & GeoDirectory Events Required )


  1. When a user click I’m in or Sounds Cool button from Are You Interested? widget, the activity will be recorded.
  2. The latest 5 activities will be displayed in Event Updates widget.

Friends ( BuddyPress Required )


  1. This widget can be displayed only on BuddyPress user profile pages.
  2. So place your widget in BuddyPress Sidebar
  3. You can set the number of users to display on the widget. Default value is 4.

Today in Talk ( bbPress Required )


  1. This widget shows latest forum topics