Franchises also should be duplicated on listing translation via WPML duplicate - CHANGED Wrap email content with html body tags - CHANGED


With default country enabled after saving the franchise, the \"View franchise\" contains wrong link - FIXED


Can\'t remove franchise option for the listing - FIXED


Update script updated to use WP Easy Updates - CHANGED


Fix issue for plugin installation via WP-CLI - FIXED


Options added to show/hide the main/franchise listing from franchises tab - ADDED Email headers changed from string to array() and MIME-Version removed - CHANGED


If there are no franchise locked fields then the expire date not updated for franchises - FIXED New custom fields are not displayed in locked fields list - FIXED Should not loose previously saved settings when plugin is reactivated - CHANGED Option added to remove plugin data on plugin delete - ADDED


WP_PLUGIN_URL not working correctly in https - FIXED


The price package should not display when adding franchise listing - FIXED


Sometimes pay for franchises button does not appear - FIXED New franchise listings are immediately published even if the setting for new listings is draft - FIXED


Custom columns added in backend listing page to identify main and franchise listing - ADDED Option added in price package to limit number of franchises that can be added - ADDED Sessions managed by GeoDirectory Session class - CHANGED Button added on add/edit franchise page to duplicate images from main franchise listing - ADDED Some vulnerabilities security issues fixed - FIXED function geodir_get_current_posttype called too early - FIXED


Display currency symbol position as it set in payment addon - CHANGED Fieldset conflicts the franchise fields locking - FIXED Custom css class added to post listing to differentiate main and franchise listings - ADDED After franchise saving expire time doubled with compared to what user have in price settings - FIXED On front end add franchise page the address field should not use value from map if address saved already - FIXED Options added to show/hide main listing and franchise listings links on detail page sidebar - ADDED On add franchise form should show message/error after submit franchise - CHANGED New update licence system implemented - CHANGED


Added checks for core and payment manager installed - ADDED Franchise feature should work without payment manager addon - CHANGED Claim feature disabled for franchises listings - CHANGED Some new filters added to customized franchises tab text - ADDED


Beta release.


Beta release.