Why should I enhance the special offers feature on my GeoDirectory Website?
Offering deals can be a powerful tool for organizations as well a merchant’s listing their business on your website.

Every GeoDirectory listing includes a field called Special Offers. Businesses can add information about promotions and deals for products and services. GeoDeals for GeoDirectory plugin converts the html field to a text editor and scheduler so that it is easier to use.
Easy to use text editor
Multiple deals can be entered and scheduled
Upload coupons
Deals can be set up on a single page

Try special offers
Schedule weekly, monthly and holiday offers
Use a coupon with a percentage based discount such as 10%
Or use a coupon with a dollar value. People feel like they’re wasting money if they don’t use it.
Use Free Gifts with purchase. Popular for product that isn’t selling.

GeoDeals plugin lets you schedule time triggered offers, expirations and multiple offers with or without coupons. The GeoDeals plugin is easy to use. Visitors that submit their own listing can also submit a coupon and manage special offers. The visual text editor converts the text so no coding is required to format the information. Companies can create multiple deals at one time, scheduling daily, weekly, monthly or without expiration.

Coupons are saved together with each offer. Visitors click on the coupon link to open the coupon image. They can print the coupon.

Single Page for Deals
GeoDeals includes parameters to use with GD shortcodes that speed up the design process and let you present special offers on one page in a variety of ways without having to touch a single line of code.

For example, create a single page that displays listings with special offers for a particular category at the top of the page and all listings for that category at the bottom of the page.
To show listings with active offers, add the parameter geodeals=”1” to shortcode gd_listings.
[gd_listings post_type=”gd_dining” list_sort=”az” geodeals=”1”]

To display listings that do not have active offers on the same page, add the parameter geodeals=”2”
[gd_listings post_type=”gd_dining” list_sort=”az” geodeals=”2”]

Key Features to let listing owners or website administrators manage special offers include
Visual text editor
List of multiple items
Date trigger settings
Upcoming offers
Start and end dates
Parameters for GD short codes
Class names for custom CSS

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