= = * Use UsersWP for mobile login - CHANGED = = * Page sidebar not showing on page.php template - FIXED = = * Child themes can be made to look for CSS files in the wrong place - FIXED * Sidebar Top added back to page templates - ADDED * Some GDv1 specific settings warnings removed - FIXED = = * Updated to work with GDv2, this version should be used with GDv2 only - CHANGED * Redux settings framework removed from theme and now required as a plugin ( you will need to install this ) - CHANGED * CSS settings output changed from file to inline so removing the need for file write - CHANGED * Site fav icon removed as it is now a theme customizer option - CHANGED * Font Awesome settings now use WP Font Awesome Class which has been updated to v5 - CHANGED * Super Duper Class used for Welcome login widget - CHANGED * Code base modernised and tidied up - CHANGED