Region & city validation not working in add listing with mobile device - FIXED With WordPress v4.8.3 it shows notice \"wpdb::prepare was called incorrectly\" - FIXED Single quote in neighbourhood name creates duplicate neighbourhood entry - FIXED Allow wildcard searching in backend location lists page - CHANGED Yoast SEO v7.x compatibility fix - FIXED Add listing city/region autocomplete search shows results matching with full names only - FIXED Add new city/region no longer working on mobile devices - FIXED


Load more not working for ajax loaded content in location switcher shortcode - FIXED


Added version check for advanced search which can cause error if not updated - FIXED


Hook added to customize Everywhere text in location description - ADDED Error in location + category sitemap xml - FIXED WPML v3.2+ compatibility changes - CHANGED Problem in merging locations for location less CPTs - FIXED Blank search results in 500 error on PHP 7.1.x - FIXED Option added in location neighbourhood widget/shortcode to use viewing CPT in links - CHANGED Searching when in a location when advanced search is not active does not limit search to that location - FIXED Fix country translation during merge locations - FIXED Add listing autocomplete now restricted by country choice - CHANGED Added option to disable location terms count on post save - ADDED


Search by hood issue if \"Add location slug in listing urls\" is unticked - FIXED Location seo meta tagline can be translated via WPML string translation - CHANGED Map ajax now sends location info to bust some caching problems - FIXED Yoast SEO XML sitemap results in timeout for large data - CHANGED CPT > Categories not hiding empty categories on details page - FIXED Option added in CPT custom field settings address section to show/hide neighbourhood in address - ADDED


Set location code restructured to fix broken location links - FIXED Backward compatibility for multibyte string functions - CHANGED Added change for Canarias islands to use Canarias as region name - CHANGED Removed Yoast WPSEO deprecated functions - CHANGED In add listing not able to add new city/region on mobile devices - FIXED Location less listings shows 404 error - FIXED Category top description not shows correct description when default country is on - FIXED Allow to import/export category + location descriptions - ADDED Pull neighbourhood if Google provides it in address response - ADDED Added fix for Czechia regions not returning from google maps api - FIXED Allow to translate location SEO meta titles, meta descriptions & location descriptions via WPML string translation - ADDED Fix Tax Meta Class conflicts - FIXED Update script updated to use WP Easy Updates - CHANGED


Categories permalinks bug - FIXED


Location terms count does not counted properly with WPML installed - FIXED Fix ISO2 for translated country - FIXED Neighbourhood page showing wrong meta description - FIXED Field added to set seo meta title for the neighbourhood - ADDED Homepage should go to current location not working when WP installed on directory - FIXED The region set incorrectly for the translated country - FIXED Denmark region code added to resolve regions better - ADDED Geocode address add listing page on FireFox can cause ZERO_RESULTS in some circumstances - FIXED Category top description added for country & regions - ADDED New title variables added to display country/region/city/neighbourhood - CHANGED Strip slashes added to neighbourhood names - FIXED Neighbourhoods tab not showing in location switcher when default city enabled - FIXED Neighbourhood widget does not show neighbourhoods when default city enabled - FIXED Archive vs detail page problem when listing name and location name are unique - FIXED Sometimes city field becomes blank, when non English map is selected - FIXED Loadmore feature added for [gd_location_switcher] shortcode locations - CHANGED The translated country creates new slug - FIXED Fix issue for plugin installation via WP-CLI - FIXED WMPL switch language looses the current location terms - FIXED Previous/Next post hooks no longer required - CHANGED


Translate countries creates the duplicate countries - FIXED Setting for changing add listing form map/marker/address only applying to frontend form - FIXED DB SEO meta column names changed - CHANGED Location SEO meta title field added - ADDED WPSEO will now use location meta title/desc if present and fall back to location page seo title - CHANGED Geolocate function does not take into account do not show X in url paths - FIXED


Neighbourhood urls not throwing 404 after being deleted - FIXED Use of wpautop() is messing up the location description - FIXED Address autocompleter does not working with non default language when WPML is active - FIXED Should not loose previously saved settings when plugin is reactivated - CHANGED Option added to remove plugin data on plugin delete - ADDED Price package manager description limit can affect the cat description - FIXED


Details table limiting neighbourhood name changed to 100 char - FIXED Categories page doesn\'t showing correct listings for neighborhood - FIXED Duplicate page slug creates problem for WPML translation - FIXED GD tool \"Location category counts\" doesn\'t updates location terms for each WPML language - FIXED Pagination options added in popular location widget settings - ADDED Importing locations with same city name breaks the import location process - FIXED


If country slug hidden some region category counts can be 0 - FIXED Option added to manage meta title & description on neighbourhood pages - ADDED Prev/Next lInks not ordered by submit time properly - FIXED


If page has items such as image that throw 404 it can reset location data - FIXED Location drill down arrows can be hidden for first item - FIXED Added tool to refresh the location category counts via ajax - ADDED WPML copy content to new translation JS error - FIXED Changes for Turkey regions - FIXED On first load show results in home page setting changed and moved in advance search addon - FIXED


Home page map does not filters listing markers when current location is neighbourhood - FIXED Yoast SEO v3.2.x sitemap does not shows Last Modified date - FIXED Large number of categories slow down the add listing page - FIXED Search for country can cause errors if country name contains apostrophe - FIXED OpenStreetMap integration added for maps - ADDED


Some fixes related to changes to the Term Edit Page in WordPress 4.5 - CHANGED Location name with apostrophe(\') adds \"\" before apostrophe - FIXED


Neighbourhood field should be independent from the set address on map button - CHANGED Function geodir_get_location_seo() added to get location SEO from DB - ADDED Added filter for after location switcher ul tag - ADDED Import/export neighbourhoods data via GD import/export - ADDED Location description widget not working on location page if urls not set to use location info - FIXED In location SEO setting the default image can be shown for following locations - FIXED Some PHP7 compatibility changes - CHANGED


The neighbourhood system is improved - CHANGED Site in subfolder and url to main domain can break location links - FIXED Made few changes for W3C validation - CHANGED WooCommerce shop page can sometimes show no products - FIXED New update licence system implemented - CHANGED Function geodir_get_limited_country_dl() fails to select translated country names - FIXED Location filter added in back-end post type listing pages - ADDED Options added to exclude location pages from Yoast SEO XML sitemap - CHANGED Image and tagline option added to SEO page - ADDED [gd_current_location_name] shortcode should display \"Near Me\" when near me location is selected - CHANGED Confirm message text displayed on delete location updated - CHANGED Option added to import/export location data via GD import/export - ADDED Sessions managed by GeoDirectory Session class - CHANGED Validating and sanitizing changes - FIXED


Settings Region -> Enable Selected Regions the countries listings page shows 404 not found - FIXED Select Cityx renamed to Select City - FIXED Location/me sometimes returns no map results - FIXED location/me not setting as GD page - FIXED Blog paged link can contain location info - FIXED Added rewrite rules for details page comments paging - ADDED If GD is not set as homepage the location is not reset when visiting homepage - FIXED Now able to generate sitemap links for location pages via Yoast SEO plugin - ADDED


case conversion functions replaced with custom function to support unicode languages - CHANGED Homepage page_id query var not set and can cause problems with Yoast SEO - FIXED If default country set, it can set a session on non location urls - FIXED Manage seo settings customized by using pagination and search filter - CHANGED


Locations with apostrophes can cause problems with locations when adding listings - FIXED Some error pages not using geodir_login_url() as redirect - FIXED City/region values goes blank in listing form when clicking go back and edit on the preview page - FIXED Settings added to hide country/region part from urls – ADDED Fixed term data count for multiple location names with same name - FIXED Fix dbDelta sql for upgrades - FIXED Limiting location on add listing page not throwing errors sometimes - FIXED Trailing slash add for home_url() and site_url() urls using trailingslashit() - CHANGED


Added filter, geodir_location_description to be able to filter the location description text - ADDED Show 404 page not found on location page if location not exists - CHANGED Limiting countries and having them translated can cause duplicate location entries - FIXED Changing location switcher tab loads all locations and then continues to ajax load them again - FIXED Fixed conflict canonical url on location pages with Yoast WordPress SEO plugin - FIXED Location is now automatically unset if user searches a \"near\" location that is not a autosuggestion of actual location - CHANGED


Some servers can interpret the merge fields ajax call as json which means the submit button is never shown - FIXED GD auto update script improved efficiency and security(https) - CHANGED If page set as blog page WPML page_id being set will break page for translation - FIXED Geo-locate user now works if default location is set to load on first load - CHANGED Changed textdomain from defined constant to a string - CHANGED


Filters added in reviews count query - CHANGED All widgets changed from PHP4 style constructors to PHP5 __construct, for WordPress 4.3 - CHANGED
Select Neighbourhood
missing textdomain and not translatable - FIXED In some circumstances the location switcher can have one location not selectable - FIXED Added filter to filter the default location tab when no location selected - ADDED Changes made for WPML compatibility - CHANGED


Function geodir_get_current_location() made much more efficient when being called multiple times on one page - CHANGED Set location not working correctly when only city added to place urls - FIXED Some docblocks added - ADDED


dbDelta function used for db tables creation - CHANGED


Added option to stop add listing map pin move from changing the address - ADDED In backend searching for location not redirecting properly - FIXED Pagination not working in backend manage location - FIXED Function codeAddress changed to geodir_codeAddress for compatibility - CHANGED


fix for geodir_single_next_previous_fix() function - FIXED Pagination and filter option added in admin manage location page - ADDED Checked for XSS vulnerabilities as per latest WP security update, found none but updated the code to new standards - SECURITY New filter added for count location terms - ADDED


term description sometimes not showing - FIXED Country/Region/City add listing page titles not translatable form .po file - FIXED


Location specific category counts can be wrong/not updated correctly - FIXED


Popular category link not working with ajax - FIXED Prev/Next function checking for post_type when not needed - CHANGED


Location/me page can loop when GD Booster is installed - FIXED Near me button widget title can add slash in front of apostrophe - FIXED After clicking near me button value on search page displays \"1\" when no advanced search - FIXED Prev/Next links can show attachments instead of posts - FIXED


Location switcher can show wrong locations when drilling down if similar country names present - FIXED Add listing page address labels get reset to default on upgrade - FIXED Near me button widget not working if advanced search is not installed - FIXED


Prefixed all shortcodes with gd_ - CHANGED


Listing appear in wrong location if region and city have the same name - FIXED added change to allow address autocomplete work with add-listing shortcode - FIXED Added more shortcodes and fixed the ones that were there - ADDED


Location selector will now do split word search (you can search \'kingdom\' for \'united kingdom\' now)- CHANGED added more class filters for location switcher for menu - ADDED Show default location results on home page now working - FIXED


changed $ to jQuery in some scripts for compatibility - CHANGED


added filter to add class to location switcher menu item (required for X theme) - ADDED


prev/next links on details page can show link to original post - FIXED


extended mobile location switcher alternative to iPad - FIXED


Removed the need for shortcode option of autoredirect on location shortcode - CHANGED Option to List all Countries, Regions, Cities in location switcher now working - FIXED Check added to see if core GeoDirectory is active before loading the rest of the plugin - ADDED Location switcher not working on avada or themes where mobile menu is auto generated - FIXED Url redirect problem for crawler if location url has not trailing slash - FIXED Ajax search not working in location tab switcher in mobile device - FIXED WordPress multisite compatibility - ADDED Country translate page, added instructions - ADDED added option to show all location in add listing dropdown - ADDED added option to stop \"set address on map\" from changing address fields on add listing page - ADDED


Unique category description for each location seems to be displayed depending on SESSION which is not good as crawlers will not see the correct description - FIXED Added ability to correct region data from google api - ADDED Slovakian regions array added - ADDED Location url prefix meta title \"Location\" not translated - FIXED Little fix when displaying listings by neighbourhood - FIXED Location switcher shortcode doesn\'t redirect if placed in a sidebar - FIXED Added translation for region & city in breadcrumb - ADDED