Submit rating shows incorrect color on hovering - FIXED GDPR compliance updates - ADDED


Show validation message for empty review/reply text - CHANGED Rating images can be off if non standard 5 rating not used - FIXED Review form rendered with rich editor does not validate the field correctly - FIXED


Don\'t translate GD post types/taxonomies if disabled in WPML settings - CHANGED WPML v3.2+ compatibility changes - CHANGED


Detail page reviews pagination not working - FIXED


Update script updated to use WP Easy Updates - CHANGED


Synchronize the post reviews if \"Synchronize comment on duplicate content\" is set - CHANGED Fix issue for plugin installation via WP-CLI - FIXED


Font awesome rating validation not working - FIXED


Should not loose previously saved settings when plugin is reactivated - CHANGED Option added to remove plugin data on plugin delete - ADDED


If one comment is approved other non approved comments can be seen - FIXED


WP_PLUGIN_URL not working correctly in https - FIXED


Rich snippet info removed as now added by core - CHANGED


Fix lightbox slideshow for reviews images & minor style fix - FIXED


Minor typing error fix - FIXED


$geodir_post_type sometimes not defined - FIXED

v.1.2.8 Like option should working with user_id only - CHANGED Like option images replaced with font awesome icon - CHANGED Font Awesome settings for rating images moved under GD core - CHANGED


Made few changes for W3C validation - CHANGED Assign rating style to cat not saving all cats - FIXED Clearing version numbers not firing dbDelta - FIXED New update licence system implemented - CHANGED


Font Awesome support added for rating images - ADDED Font awesome icon color setting - ADDED Multirating count can be affected by reply comments - FIXED Font awesome icon font size issue - FIXED


Some new hooks added for ratings - ADDED


Some multrating images not responsive - FIXED Login link updated to use geodir_login_url() function - FIXED With multi ratings the comment sorting is reversed then selected under settings -> discussion - FIXED Review image max upload size now uses the GD max upload file size setting - CHANGED When comment sort order used new user comments can\'t see their unapproved comments - FIXED case conversion functions replaced with custom function to support unicode languages - CHANGED Should not hide default rating if multirating for comment on post is disabled - FIXED Added some filters to use font awesome rating icons as images - ADDED


wp cron added to clear orphaned images - ADDED Unused css image classes removed - REMOVED


GD auto update script improved efficiency and security(https) - CHANGED Changed textdomain from defined constant to a string - CHANGED


Changes made for WPML compatibility - CHANGED


Compatibility changes for whoop theme - ADDED Changed the remove filter priority for core plugin change in priority - CHANGED Overall rating title wrapped inside span - ADDED


\"alt\" attribute added to all star rating images - FIXED Multiple ratings not showing on other languages with WPML - FIXED dbDelta function used for db tables creation - CHANGED Compatibility changes for whoop theme - ADDED


Saving admin pages not redirecting to original page - FIXED Sorting comments strings are not translatable - FIXED Option added to disable mandatory select stars for multiratings - ADDED


Sorting comments on listing detail page not working - FIXED Checked for XSS vulnerabilities as per latest WP security update, found none but updated the code to new standards - SECURITY Option added to customize rating star image & style color for featured listings - ADDED On sorting comment the comment text goes disappeared - FIXED


Rating star label are now translatable using GD tool - FIXED


Custom ratings average not updated on comment post, only on comment approve - FIXED


Star rating images have a line at the end on safari (fixed with jQuery) - FIXED Photo count text in review not translatable - FIXED


Comment image has hard coded url path - FIXED


Like comment count not working with new DB structure - FIXED Comment sorting and average review info can sometimes not show above reviews - FIXED comment sorting broken due to new DB structure - FIXED Added warning about disabling star summery in sidebar will break Google rich snippets - ADDED


changed functions to deal with new core DB ratings structure - CHANGED


If post types share same category names custom ratings can be shown on wrong post type - FIXED Check added to see if core GeoDirectory is active before loading the rest of the plugin - ADDED Before submitting review it must required to select rating star - ADDED In overall rating text and custom rating styles text if uses commas, quotation marks(\',\") it breaks the values - FIXED In edit custom rating styles translation added for text \"Star Text\" - FIXED Rating stars have a style issue in Safari - FIXED With the MulitRatings plugin activated the sidebar rating stars not displays rating summary - FIXED Option added to show/hide rating summary on detail page sidebar - ADDED WordPress multisite compatibility - ADDED


Multiple media images upload in reviews not working - FIXED Disable GD modal for comment images, can be disabled via GD core settings - ADDED If star rating is other then 5 then rating stars not display correctly - FIXED Google rich snippets for reviews - ADDED If the review form gets moved out of the tabs, the drag and drop image upload stops working and the css to highlight stars not working - FIXED