= = (2020-07-16) * GD archive pages will now show default post type or default category image on archive pages that set the featured section to show - ADDED * GD Archive pages width can be contained to a smaller size when using a plugin that uses bootstrap - FIXED * Link to reviews not working on listings pages - FIXED = = (2020-03-04) * GD search full width page title not using title from title/meta setting - FIXED * Categories on front-page CSS broken with latest GD - FIXED = = (2020-01-30) * Click on Write a review link don\'t scroll to review form - FIXED * Featured area image not working when image is added via import post with image name only - FIXED * Add smooth scrolling to archive pages on iOS devices - FIXED * Hide featured area is not working on WooCommerce shop page - FIXED * Fixed some W3 validation issues - FIXED = = * Hook added to modify archive map shortcode - CHANGED * Marker cluster not working on archive map - FIXED * Two h1 tab SEO issue on single page - FIXED * Archive page on mobile shows multiple map controls - FIXED * Make WooCommerce pages use featured image if set - FIXED = = * Claim me button covers the claim popup form in mobile view - FIXED * Details page top category links can sometimes not take their own line - FIXED * Details page top add to fav button sometimes has no top padding - FIXED v2.0.0.7 Details page template has deubug info in footer widget area - FIXED v2.0.0.6 GD details page author gravatar not showing from user email - FIXED v2.0.0.5 GD Details page now has template file similar to v1 - ADDED First release on wp.org - INFO v2.0.0.4 Black space covering admin bar menu on mobile devices - FIXED Blog archive & category page sometimes not showing featured image - FIXED v2.0.0.3 Titles missing from GD archive pages - FIXED Compatibility with Font Awesome CSS or JS version - CHANGED Blog archive & category page not showing featured image - FIXED v2.0.0.2-rc Metabox settings can cause error with PHP<5.5 - FIXED Slider navigation displays over map on mobile device - FIXED v2.0.0.1-rc Fade-in background image once loaded - CHANGED My Account menu link removed (functionality can be added via many plugins such as UsersWP) - CHANGED Search page can\'t adjust content widths - FIXED v2.0.0.0-beta First public release - INFO