Do you have a installation guide?

Yes, please see this page for our basic instillation guide:

How does your pricing work?

The best option is to become a paid member which is $199/year, with membership you will get access to all of our premium plugins and themes and any new ones we create while you are a member, you also will have full access to our support forums. If you do not renew your membership after one year then you will lose access to the premium support forums and to any updates of addons however you can continue to use the ones you have even without a membership.  Addons can also be bought individually if required.

Do you have mobile apps planned?

Yes we do, we are working on building our API at the moment. We will email all members when they are ready or you can follow us on twitter or facebook to stay updated.

Are your products easy to translate?

Yes please you can translate all of our products easily here:


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