Reordering tabs in GeoDirectory V2

as easy as drag and drop
reorder tabs in GeoDirectory v2

GeoDirectory V2 is coming. Make sure to read this post to avoid bad surprises upon next update:

Re-ordering the tabs of the listing details page with GeoDirectory Version 1, required custom code.

In GeoDirectory version 2, it’s as easy as drag and drop, just check the video down below.

Want the Reviews as default tab? Drag and drop it above the profile tab.

There you go, reviews are now the first tab.

You can also move the content of one or more tabs and make it appear inside another tab.

Let’s add the map below the listing description.

Move the map as a sub-tab of the profile tab. And the map is now below the description as planned.

Content of any custom field can be a new tab and used within the tabs builder.

The business hours are now a new tab.

This is just an example of what you can do, customization options are limitless.

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