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(5 votes, average: 4.60 out of 5)
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With small artisan breweries popping up all over the country, finding them can be a problem. All too often local knowledge is needed as they are nearly always tucked away down quiet country lanes or hidden in small industrial estates.

Nearest Brewery is a resource that can help you find these hidden brews.

11 thoughts on “Nearest Brewery

  1. The map jumps around alot. Then if you zoom in some and try to scroll up to Lerwick Brewery sometimes it goes wild … jumping all over zooming in and out…overall i had a bad experience with the map.

    1. What browser are you using? I just tested with Chrome and I don’t see any glitch…

  2. The site loads horrible, this is something the admins have to check. Layout/Design is ok, but i think there are themes (like listimia) that Looks much better.

    1. Site loads indeed a bit flickering, however, it is based on Listimia and I don’t think the problem is the theme.
      I think the problem could be a caching plugin problem, or the server having problems loading things quickly enough.

    2. The site is using Listimia and been updated today to the latest version which has meant a total cache and CDN refresh. Where are you requesting the site from not sure if you are taking the cost of a cache/CDN refresh?

  3. When I search from in the US it does not come up with anything. I know you are across the ocean but is there a way to have it list something anywhere and that is the closest even if it is 1000’s of miles from me?

    1. The radius of the search is set by the admin. You can increase it to whatever you like, however the higher the number, the slower the performances.


  4. That’s V2 with the events add-on and the theme is Listimia

  5. Hello, what version of GD and theme are you using? Would also love to know the event calendar plugin you’re using?
    Many thanks 🙂

    1. Site looks great – am also interested in the calendar plugin??

      1. The Event calendar is just the GD-Event-Calendar widget that comes with the GeoDirectory Events addon.

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