Function Reference: geodir_advance_search_available_fields_note


This function has not been documented yet.

Source File

geodir_advance_search_available_fields_note() is located in geodir_advance_search_filters/geodirectory_advance_search_hooks_actions.php [Line: 126]

Source Code

function geodir_advance_search_available_fields_note($note , $sub_tab , $listing_type)
		case 'advance_search':
			$note =	sprintf(__('Click on any box below to make it appear in advance search form on %s listing and search results.
To make a filed available here, go to custom fields tab and expand any field from selected fields panel and tick the checkbox saying 'Include this field in advance search option'.' , GEODIRECTORY_TEXTDOMAIN), get_post_type_singular_label($listing_type)); break; } return $note; }