Function Reference: geodir_cpt_current_location_terms


Filter the location terms.


(array) (required) Array of location terms.

Default: empty
(string) (required) Source type of location terms.

Default: session
(string) (required) WP post type.

Default: None

Return Values

  • Array of location terms.

Change Log

Since: 1.1.6

Source File

geodir_cpt_current_location_terms() is located in geodir_custom_posts/geodir_cp_functions.php [Line: 1297]

Source Code

function geodir_cpt_current_location_terms( $location_array = array(), $location_array_from = 'session', $gd_post_type = '' ) {
	if ( geodir_cpt_no_location( $gd_post_type ) ) {
		$location_array = array();
	return $location_array;