Function Reference: geodir_custom_post_type_uninstall


This function has not been documented yet.

Source File

geodir_custom_post_type_uninstall() is located in geodir_custom_posts/geodir_cp_functions.php [Line: 14]

Source Code

function geodir_custom_post_type_uninstall(){
	if ( ! isset($_REQUEST['verify-delete-adon']) ) 
		$plugins = isset( $_REQUEST['checked'] ) ? (array) $_REQUEST['checked'] : array();
			//$_POST = from the plugin form; $_GET = from the FTP details screen.
					require_once(ABSPATH . 'wp-admin/admin-header.php');
					printf( '


' ,__( 'Warning!!' , GEODIR_CP_TEXTDOMAIN) ); printf( '%s

%s %s.' , __('You are about to delete a Geodirectory Ad-on which has important option and custom data associated to it.' ,GEODIR_CP_TEXTDOMAIN) ,__('Deleting this and activating another version, will be treated as a new installation of plugin, so all the data will be lost.', GEODIR_CP_TEXTDOMAIN), __('If you have any problem in upgrading the plugin please contact Geodirectroy', GEODIR_CP_TEXTDOMAIN) , __('support' ,GEODIR_CP_TEXTDOMAIN) ) ; ?>

'; ?>
'; ?>