Function Reference: geodir_event_tables_install


Geo Directory Event Database Install *


Plugin install database tables


GeoDirectory Events


‘geodir_after_custom_detail_table_create’ [Line: 74]


‘geodir_before_event_detail_table_create’ [Line: 71]

‘geodir_before_event_schedule_table_create’ [Line: 87]

Source File

geodir_event_tables_install() is located in geodir_event_manager/gdevents-admin/gdevents_db_install.php [Line: 15]

Source Code

function geodir_event_tables_install() {
	global $wpdb;


    $collate = '';
    if($wpdb->has_cap( 'collation' )) {
        if(!empty($wpdb->charset)) $collate = "DEFAULT CHARACTER SET $wpdb->charset";
        if(!empty($wpdb->collate)) $collate .= " COLLATE $wpdb->collate";

    require_once(ABSPATH . 'wp-admin/includes/upgrade.php');
	// rename db for multisite
	if($wpdb->query("SHOW TABLES LIKE 'geodir_gd_event_detail'")>0 && $wpdb->query("SHOW TABLES LIKE '".$wpdb->prefix."geodir_gd_event_detail'")==0){$wpdb->query("RENAME TABLE geodir_gd_event_detail TO ".$wpdb->prefix."geodir_gd_event_detail");}
    if($wpdb->query("SHOW TABLES LIKE 'geodir_event_schedule'")>0 && $wpdb->query("SHOW TABLES LIKE '".$wpdb->prefix."geodir_event_schedule'")==0){$wpdb->query("RENAME TABLE geodir_event_schedule TO ".$wpdb->prefix."geodir_event_schedule");}

    // Check schedule_id exists and make it auto increment if it does not so we can use dbDelta in the future
    if($wpdb->query("SHOW TABLES LIKE '".$wpdb->prefix."geodir_event_schedule'")>0){geodir_add_column_if_not_exist($wpdb->prefix."geodir_event_schedule", "schedule_id", "int(11) PRIMARY KEY AUTO_INCREMENT NOT NULL");}

	$event_detail = "CREATE TABLE ".EVENT_DETAIL_TABLE." (
					post_id int(11) NOT NULL,
					post_title text NULL DEFAULT NULL,
					post_status varchar(20) NULL DEFAULT NULL,
					default_category INT NULL DEFAULT NULL,
					post_tags text NULL DEFAULT NULL,
					geodir_link_business varchar(10) NULL DEFAULT NULL,
					post_location_id int(11) NOT NULL,
					marker_json text NULL DEFAULT NULL,
					claimed ENUM( '1', '0' ) NULL DEFAULT '0',
					businesses ENUM( '1', '0' ) NULL DEFAULT '0',
					is_featured ENUM( '1', '0' ) NULL DEFAULT '0',
					featured_image VARCHAR( 254 ) NULL DEFAULT NULL,
					paid_amount DOUBLE NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
					package_id INT(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '1',
					alive_days INT(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
					paymentmethod varchar(30) NULL DEFAULT NULL,
					expire_date VARCHAR( 25 ) NULL DEFAULT NULL,
					is_recurring TINYINT( 1 ) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
					recurring_dates TEXT NOT NULL,
					event_reg_desc text NULL DEFAULT NULL,
					event_reg_fees varchar(200) NULL DEFAULT NULL,
					submit_time varchar(15) NULL DEFAULT NULL,
					submit_ip varchar(254) NULL DEFAULT NULL,
					overall_rating float(11) DEFAULT NULL,
					rating_count INT(11) DEFAULT '0',
					rsvp_count INT(11) DEFAULT '0',
					post_locations VARCHAR( 254 ) NULL DEFAULT NULL,
					post_latitude varchar(20) NULL,
					post_longitude varchar(20) NULL,
					post_dummy ENUM( '1', '0' ) NULL DEFAULT '0',
					PRIMARY KEY  (post_id)) $collate ";

    $event_detail = apply_filters('geodir_before_event_detail_table_create', $event_detail);
	do_action('geodir_after_custom_detail_table_create', 'gd_event', EVENT_DETAIL_TABLE);

    $event_schedule = "CREATE TABLE ".EVENT_SCHEDULE." (
        schedule_id int(11) AUTO_INCREMENT NOT NULL,
		event_id int(11) NOT NULL,
		event_date datetime NOT NULL,
		event_enddate DATE NOT NULL,
		event_starttime time,
		event_endtime time,
		all_day TINYINT( 1 ) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
		recurring TINYINT( 1 ) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
		PRIMARY KEY  (schedule_id)) $collate ";

    $event_schedule = apply_filters('geodir_before_event_schedule_table_create', $event_schedule);
	update_option( 'geodir_event_recurring_feature', '1' );