Action Reference: geodir_main_content_close


This is used to add HTML closing wrappers to the main content of most pages including listings, author, search, home etc.


‘geodir_main_content_open’ Where the oposing opening tag is added.

Change Log

Since: 1.0.0

Used by

geodirectory_template_actions.php: geodir_action_listings_content() [Line: 2066]

geodirectory_template_actions.php: geodir_action_author_content() [Line: 2994]

geodirectory_template_actions.php: geodir_action_search_content() [Line: 3231]

geodirectory_template_actions.php: geodir_action_home_content() [Line: 3400]

Source Code

    do_action('geodir_main_content_close', 'home-page');