Creating different Event types

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  1. You can create different Custom Post Types, but you can only have one Event Custom Post Type.
  2. This article explains how you can create different Event types, with the use of the Payments Manager.
  3. The options and idea explained below can also be used for other Custom Post Types.


  1. We want our users to add Festivals and Markets, and Festival submissions can include the name of artists, and Market submissions can include details of the organisers.
  2. But we want to make it easy, so when they choose to add a Festival, they are not shown any Market specific fields.



  1. Go to Events > Event Categories and add your categories:

Price packages

  1. Go to GD > Prices and Payments and create or edit Event price packages.
  2. We will create a Festivals and a Markets package:
  3. After creating the Festivals package, save it first.
  4. Then choose to edit again, and now you will be able to exclude all the Event categories that are not Festival categories:
  5. Repeat for the Markets package.

Custom fields

  1. Go to GD > Event Settings and create an Artists custom field.
  2. Make sure to restrict the custom field to the Festival package only:
  3. Repeat for the Markets only custom field.

User experience

  1. Now you can link direct to the packages like this if you like:
    1. Festivals:
    2. Markets:
  2. And your users can also select from the Add Listing page:
  3. If they choose the Festival package, then the festival categories will be the only ones available for selection:
  4. Only the Festival specific custom fields will be available too: