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Custom Post Types

Managing a large, diverse directory just got way easier 

Harness the full power of WordPress custom post types (CPT) to offer and manage multiple listing types.

By default, GeoDirectory offers a single custom post type, called “Places.” This add-on lets you create and add as many CPT’s as you need.

  • Create as many CPTs as you need allowing you to divide categories and manage features and parameters per CPT.
  • Each CPT has its own form builder, so you can add in any custom fields, prices, custom categories, and tags that you need.
  • Set as location-less and create listings without a physical location and build a directory of websites or online services.
  • Each CPT you create will have their own dedicated sidebar menu and management system, just like “Places.”

custom post types menu
Use with Advanced Search Filters to provide truly granular search

This add-on also integrates perfectly with our Advance Search Filters add-on. Using the two together, you can search per post type and apply search filters per post type. For example, a CPT for “Hotels” could have filters such as “Free WiFi” or “Pets Allowed,” affording your user’s a truly granular search experience.
custom post types search bar

Custom Post Type Linking

Linking CPTs is an awesome feature that can level up your directory. Link one, or multiple CPTs together.

A simple example could be a “Hospital” CPT and a “Doctors” CPT. Linking them together, you could have a Hospital listing with a tab showing all Doctors that work there. Whereas the doctor CPT can show a link to the hospital where the Doctor works.

A more advanced example might include multiple CPT linking. A website for fishermen might have a fisherman’s profile link to “Fishing boats,” “Companies,” and even to “references,” which could be other fishermen from the same CPT.

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