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    shruti jain
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    Till now I am able to create a simple directory with this plugin and its really coming out very nice. Now I want to make changes to my directory.
    I want to add stores which are “Premium” ones or priority and for this, I need to add an option in sorting list and some changes in the details page. Can anybody suggest me how to do that?


    Stiofan O’Connor
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    Please explain exactly what you wish to achieve, it sounds like all of what you want to do can be done with just settings.




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    You will need the Prices and Payments add-on 1st of all.



    shruti jain
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    Hi Stiofan and Paolo,
    I tried custom post and added a textbox as a new field. Also I have created “Premium” as a sorting option but somehow its not functional.
    I have also one through the video tutorial of Prices and Payments add-on but it doesn’t seem to be the best solution.

    All I want is to create a new field in which we can select yes or no for premium store.
    Only those store who are premium(yes) should be displayed in the list when sorted.


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    You cannot sort your listings in a widget by a custom field.
    You can sort in a widget by Featured or not, but that is only possible with the Prices Addon.
    Sorting by custom fields is only relevant for the category pages and search results, not for the GD Home page where you use the popular post widget:

    The only suggestion is to use a category called Premium and then filter by that category in the popular post widget.


    shruti jain
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    Thanks Guust, that would be a nice solution.

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