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9 Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Successful Online Directory

Starting an online directory can be a very profitable endeavor. There are many things to keep in mind when starting such a business, but if you make some common mistakes, you may find yourself struggling from the get-go. In this blog post, we’ll explore nine of the most important mistakes to avoid when building a […]

7 Little-Known and Unique Ways to Monetize Your Online Directory

When you learn how to make a directory website with your chosen directory listing software and you get set up, it can be frustrating to realize that’s only about half the battle. You also need to know how to make money with your WordPress website. What can make matters worse is creating a plan to […]

(2023) The 8 Best WordPress Event Calendar Plugins Compared

Are you looking for the best WordPress event calendar plugin to keep your customers informed about upcoming events? Whether it’s a music concert, an art exhibition, or any other type of event, having the right tools can make all the difference. In this blog post, we will compare eight of the most popular WordPress event […]

Online Directory Websites FAQ

Online directory websites are a valuable resource for individuals and businesses alike. These websites provide a comprehensive list of businesses, organizations, and individuals, often organized by category or location. This blog post will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about online directory websites. Whether you’re looking for information or want to increase your […]

Create a Directory Website with Elementor

What is the best way to build an Elementor Directory Website? To build an Elementor Directory Website, Elementor.com suggests using the Custom Post Type UI, the Advanced Custom Fields, and the Elementor Custom Skin plugins. Is that the best way to go? Possibly, but only if you are planning to build a simple directory without […]

How to create a restaurant directory in WordPress with a free plugin

You are a passionate foodie and want to build a side hustle to generate extra income. You have tried many of your city’s restaurants and have a blog where you review your own restaurant experiences. Or you are an Airbnb Host and want to build a restaurant directory to recommend the best gourmet experiences to […]

Events Tickets Marketplace Released

Today we released the highly anticipated Events Tickets Marketplace plugin for GeoDirectory. This plugin can be used to sell Events Tickets on your website in multiple ways. For example, you can sell tickets for one specific event on a website that you can build with no-code using WordPress and GeoDirectory. If you organize events for […]

GeoDirectory 2.2 – Improved backend UI/UX

In this latest release of GeoDirectory, we focused on improving the website admin experience, rather than adding new features. At the same time, we did our best effort to make GeoDirectory fully compatible with the new Full Site Editor recently introduced by WordPress 5.9 in Beta. Unfortunately, we will have to postpone 5.9 full compatibilities […]