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Map Bubble

Frequently Asked Questions



The Map Bubble is the small box/bubble that pops up when you click on a map icon on the map.

Data shown in the map bubble is displayed with the default options for GD Post Meta.

That means that when a field is chosen for display in the map bubble, it is always displayed with “icon+label+value”.


Show in extra locations

Use the custom fields setting “Show in extra location” to show a field in the map bubble.

CPT Settings (ex. Places Settings) – General (tab) – Show Advanced – Details template – Choose your template page


See our doc about customizing for instructions on using code snippets.

Custom CSS

Map Bubble templates can be customized with Custom CSS

To hide the label for a field shown in the map bubble, create custom CSS like this:

.gd-bubble span.geodir_post_meta_title {
    display: none;

To hide the icon for a field shown in the map bubble, create custom CSS like this:

.gd-bubble .geodir_post_meta.geodir-field-post_title .geodir_post_meta_icon.geodir-i-text {
    display: none;

PHP Template

Want to change the way the map bubble template?

You can see the template here: https://github.com/AyeCode/geodirectory/blob/master/templates/map-popup.php

To customize, create folder /geodirectory/ in your theme and copy file \wp-content\plugins\geodirectory\templates\map-popup.php into the folder.
The new file will be YOUR_THEME/geodirectory/map-popup.php.
Now edit file YOUR_THEME/geodirectory/map-popup.php and remove change the shortcode or other content to meet your needs.

Map Bubble Address Format

To change the address format in the map bubble, first remove the settings in the address custom field for “Show in extra locations -> Map Bubble”.
Then add the following snippet, adjusting to meet your needs.

function _my_map_address_add($html,$fields_location){

$html = do_shortcode('[gd_post_address show="icon-label-value" address_template="%%post_title%% %%post_title_br%% :: %%street_br%% %%neighbourhood_br%% %%city_br%% %%region_br%% %%zip_br%% %%country%%"]').$html;
    return $html;
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