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Location Page

Frequently Asked Questions



The Location page is a special page that uses GD Listings to introduce visitors to a new location. It can display information about the location, featured listings, and much much more.
The location page is really the ‘home page’ for each city or region or country directory, and so the page should include elements that give the visitor an overview of the location alon with links that make it easy to explore the listings they are looking for.

The contents of the page are GeoDirectory Elements. These elements are used to display listings, location information, and more.
On this page you can find information about the location page and the design elements often used in the page.


The Location page is a WordPress page that is installed with GeoDirectory.
You can find the page by searching in the the Pages on your site in:

WordPress Backend – Pages – Search “gd” – Find the Location page and hover your mouse over it to edit the page.


Directory Starter – https://wpgeo.directory/starter/location/united-states/california/san-francisco/
Supreme Directory – https://wpgeo.directory/supreme-directory/location/united-states/california/san-francisco/

GD Elements Visible in the Example pages Above

GD Listings – Featured Only with Location filter, Places with Location filter, Real Estate with Location filter
GD Categories – Display links to Archive pages for the category and location
GD Map – Directory map showing post type and category filter
GD Search – Near field automatically set to the page location
GD Recently Viewed – Show listings that the visitor has recently viewed

GeoDirectory Settings

Default Template Setting

Choose the page that will serve as the Location page in the Pages settings:

GeoDirectory – Settings – General – Pages – Detail template – Choose your Location page


Read more about the location page URL pattern here.


GeoDirectory Design Elements

The Location page uses GD Listings with the location filter option enabled. This allows GD Listings to show only listings that are IN the specific location.
GD Loop, GD Loop actions, and GD Loop paging cannot be used on the location page.

Default Content

When GeoDirectory is installed, the template is installed with default content. If you make changes to the page, and want to restore the default content, you can find it in the GeoDirectory Settings:

GeoDirectory – Settings – General – Pages – Click “Default Content”

The default content will be shown in a lightbox modal. You can copy and paste the default content back into the Page, overwriting anything you already have in the page.

More Design Options

GD Location Description

Display unique infromation about each individual location dynamically with the GD Location Description element. Read more about adding Location Description information here.


GD Recently Viewed

Show listings that the visitor has recently viewed with the GD Recently Viewed element.

GD Recent Reviews

Show recent reviews with the GD Recent Reviews element.


You can absolutely use a basic builder to adjust the layout and design elements on the Location page. See more information here on the builders doc.

Pages Templates and Sidebars

GD Uses the sidebars that come with your theme. Read more about how to choose a theme that has the sidebars you want here.



Use Widget Logic or other widget visibility plugins with the following logic to make widgets or elements visible on a specific location page.

global $geodirectory;
if(geodir_is_page('location') && $geodirectory->location->city_slug == 'new-york' ){
        // stuff
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