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Events Tickets Marketplace

The GeoDirectory Events Tickets Marketplace extension allows you to easily sell event tickets on your website.

You can sell tickets for 1 event or for millions of events.

If you are running a directory of events, this extension will give your event listings owners the option to create tickets for their events and sell them through your website, turning your directory into an Online Tickets Marketplace just like Eventbrite or TicketMaster. While you as the site owner, have the option to collect a commission for each ticket sold.

This extension can also be used by anyone, to sell tickets of any kind, through their own WordPress website.

  • Sell Tickets Independently – Stop paying commissions to ticket marketplaces and sell your events tickets on your website.

  • Create a Marketplace – Allows anyone to sell tickets on your Events Directory.

Create and Sell tickets

  • Collect commissions on sold tickets – Decide how much of a commission you want to charge for tickets sold.

Ticket settings

  • Printable Tickets with QR Codes – Buyers download and print their tickets and the Event Owner is able to scan the QR code for ticket status.

event ticket with QR code

  • Redeem tickets to control access to your events – After scanning the ticket and validating it, event owners can redeem the tickets so that it can’t be used more than once.

Event Ticket management scanner valid and redeem

  • Insights and Analytics for tickets sold – The event owner has basic reports for its own events, while the site admin has reports for all events combined.

Event Owner Reports
event listing owner ticket management report

Directory Admin Reports
tickets admin reports

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