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Meet GeoDirectory V2

In April 2019, we released GeoDirectory V2. It’s been rewritten from the ground up to make it more feature-rich, easier to customize and with a much better code-base.

Today, GeoDirectory is the only WordPress directory plugin on the market that can scale to millions of listings and withstand the battering of traffic that comes along with that.

That’s not easy to achieve which is why no one else has come close. There’s a reason GeoDirectory consistently outperforms competing plugins:

Our team has been fully dedicated to developing high-performance directory tools for WordPress since 2011.

We don’t work on anything else, which means every last dollar of R&D capital and every last byte of code that we write is 100% focused on pushing the boundaries of what is possible, redefining what a high-performance directory site looks like.

Continuous improvement: thanks to you

We originally began developing our software in 2011, to answer the need for high-quality directory WordPress tools. Ever since we wrote the first line of code, we have been entirely driven by our clients’ needs. Right at the start we came to one resounding conclusion:

To deliver the performance and scale our clients demanded, we needed to code it all from the ground up: both themes and plugin functionality

We did this by entering into a continuous cycle of dialog and improvement, leveraging every bit of insight and intelligence we received from our clients. From the outset, we took care that everything we coded could be extended and scaled as needed.

Our inspiration

We looked around at some of the best and most widely-used WordPress plugins in the community and drew inspiration from WooCommerce, BuddyPress and bbPress.

These hero plugins are so expertly designed and each of them so firmly sets the benchmark for their respective area that really there is no need to redesign the wheel every time you need e-commerce, social networking or forum solutions within WordPress.

Building dedicated themes and extensions for these plugins is faster and easier than coming up with competing solutions and can be a good business for other developers.

All three of these benchmark plugins share the same defining success factors:

  1. They are free, available through wordpress.org and actively maintained
  2. They can easily be extended, thanks to an exhaustive use of hooks and filters
  3. They can be integrated in most themes through the use of templates hierarchy

This combination of ubiquity and flexibility has not only made them extremely popular with an increasing number of users, but also helped them evolve faster than any of their competitors.

Today it would be pointless to create a fully-featured eCommerce theme to sell, knowing that WooCommerce is out there defining play for an entire industry.
Which is why almost no one has.

In fact the trend is for third parties to develop themes and extensions around the hero plugins.

A solid benchmark for directories

We applied the same philosophy when it came to building GeoDirectory:

It’s a free, efficient and highly-compatible plugin that can be extended infinitely.

GeoDirectory is as easy to configure and use as it gets. It’s 100% compatible with WPML and all popular SEO plugins. It also features a fast and responsive database structure capable of withstanding millions of listings, a great permalink structure, enhanced regional features, free trial packages for listings and many more features that our theme users have asked us for.

Taking it forward

We will not dilute our focus. We will continue to develop awesome themes and new addons for GeoDirectory. Paid members will get all these additions at no extra cost.

You asked us for mobile apps—we listened. We will soon be extending the official WordPress JSON Rest API to bring you apps for iOS and Android.

We know you’ll enjoy GeoDirectory. If you have any questions or just want to jump in and make some suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us in the comments below.

Meet the Team

11 team members over 5 continents, making customers happy since 2011
Stiofan O'Connor
Stiofan O'Connor
Co-Founder & CEO/CTO@stiofan
Paolo Tajani
Paolo Tajani
Co-Founder & CEO/CMO@paolo
Alex Rollin
Alex Rollin
Head of Support@ayecode_alex
Guust Flater
Guust Flater
Support Supervisor@guust
Kiran Prajapati
Kiran Prajapati
Lead Developer@kiranprajapati
Kor Chung
Kor Chung
Customer Support@korchung
Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi
Full Stack Developer
Ismi Aini
Ismi Aini
Head of Translations@ismiaini
Naveen Giri
Naveen Giri
Customer Support@1naveengiri
Brian Mutende
Brian Mutende
Full Stack Developer@picocodes
Michelle Munro
Michelle Munro
Customer Sales