Meet GeoDirectory

Today, GeoDirectory is the only WordPress directory plugin on the market that can scale to millions of listings and withstand the battering of traffic that comes along with that.

That’s not easy to achieve—which is why no one else has come close. There’s a reason GeoDirectory consistently outperforms competing plugins:

Our team has been fully dedicated to developing high-performance directory tools for WordPress since 2011.

We don’t work on anything else, which means every last dollar of R&D capital and every last byte of code that we write is 100% focused on pushing the boundaries of what is possible, redefining what a high-performance directory site looks like.

Continuous improvement: thanks to you

We originally began developing our software in 2011, to answer the need for high-quality directory WordPress tools. Ever since we wrote the first line of code, we have been entirely driven by our clients’ needs. Right at the start we came to one resounding conclusion:

To deliver the performance and scale our clients demanded, we needed to code it all from the ground up: both themes and plugin functionality

We did this by entering into a continuous cycle of dialog and improvement, leveraging every bit of insight and intelligence we received from our clients. From the outset, we took care that everything we coded could be extended and scaled as needed.

Our inspiration

We looked around at some of the best and most widely-used WordPress plugins in the community and drew inspiration from WooCommerce, BuddyPress and bbPress.

These hero plugins are so expertly designed and each of them so firmly sets the benchmark for their respective area that really there is no need to redesign the wheel every time you need e-commerce, social networking or forum solutions within WordPress.

Building dedicated themes and extensions for these plugins is faster and easier than coming up with competing solutions and can be a good business for other developers.

All three of these benchmark plugins share the same defining success factors:

  1. They are free, available through and actively maintained
  2. They can easily be extended, thanks to an exhaustive use of hooks and filters
  3. They can be integrated in most themes through the use of templates hierarchy

This combination of ubiquity and flexibility has not only made them extremely popular with an increasing number of users, but also helped them evolve faster than any of their competitors.

Today it would be pointless to create a fully-featured eCommerce theme to sell, knowing that WooCommerce is out there defining play for an entire industry.
Which is why almost no one has.

In fact the trend is for third parties to develop themes and extensions around the hero plugins.

A solid benchmark for directories

We applied the same philosophy when it came to building GeoDirectory:

It’s a free, efficient and highly-compatible plugin that can be extended infinitely.

GeoDirectory is as easy to configure and use as it gets. It’s 100% compatible with WPML and all popular SEO plugins. It also features a fast and responsive database structure capable of withstanding millions of listings, a great permalink structure, enhanced regional features, free trial packages for listings and many more features that our theme users have asked us for.

Taking it forward

We will not dilute our focus. We will continue to develop awesome themes and new addons for GeoDirectory. Paid members will get all these additions at no extra cost.

You asked us for mobile apps—we listened. We will soon be extending the official WordPress JSON Rest API to bring you apps for iOS and Android.

We know you’ll enjoy GeoDirectory. If you have any questions or just want to jump in and make some suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us in the comments below.

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  1. looks fantastic and a great looking site – congrats to all for the really great achievement.

    Any chance of a slick theme to run the plugin in for people like me who can’t do CSS ?

  2. This is looks really great! Do you have information on moving from GeoTheme to GeoDirectory? I’d prefer to use the plugin so that I can have a more custom site design created. Thanks!

    • we will soon provide an addon to import from all major directory themes and plugin inlcude our own GT.

  3. Looks great. It’s just the sort of plugin I wanted before I started my project. But should I ditch geotheme to use this instead? Does it advance on the functionality that geotheme has?

  4. Congrats! this is a really good plugin to build a directory, im missing the author page more robust and customizable on the backend theme.

  5. Any ETA on theme options? I tried it with the Avada theme I have and the two do not interact well. Any suggestions for a theme you know it works well with?

    • Hi,
      we are working on a basic theme framwork for which we will produce countless child themes. I’ve seen members using it with Genesis, Sahifa and of course 2012. From my quick tests, it appears that any theme that is compatible with woocommerce, bbpress or buddypress, is compatible with GeoDirectory too…

  6. Hi There,

    We were expecting this release to be compatible or available with your iPhone app add-ons of GeoTheme. Is this the case or will this be coming soon?

    Many thanks,

    • This is a different and brand new product, not an upgrade to GeoTheme.
      We will build and release apps for GeoDirectory too in due time.

  7. Hi,

    I see no reference to localization an languages
    Are there versions available besides english? How hard will it be to localize?


    • Hi,

      the plugin can be fully translated and it’s 100% WPML compatible.

      The english po/mo file are available within the plugin. Being released only since 2 weeks, translation files haven’t been submited by users yet.

      At the moment, the only solution is to translate it by yourself in your own language.


    • Hi, at the moment, you’d have to export your “Directory Portal WordPress Theme” listings somehow and arrange the data in a CSV file that match our sample file format. At point you can import them back for GeoDirectory.

      We are working on an import/export addon and we would like to make it work with any wordpress directory theme and plugin. We will keep you updated.


  8. Do you plan on creating a universal search to search all CPT at once?

    I plan to have over 10 CPT and hundreds of subcategories and thousands of listings, it just does not make sense for a user to have to search more than once to figure out which post type their listing is under.

  9. “Do you have information on moving from GeoTheme to GeoDirectory”

    Hi Paolo,

    I want to change from GeoTheme to GeoDirectory. Further to the above, have you made any progress with the import/export add-on?

    • Hi,
      we are currently working on fixing bug consequence of the last major release.
      Once Core and new multilocation are stable enough our next priority will be the GT to GD convertion tool.

    • GeoTheme and GeoDirectory are 2 alternative products. 1 is a theme with all options included. The other is a set of plugins that can be used with any theme (except geotheme and other themes heavily relying on Google Maps API).


  10. Hi,
    May we see a normal blog post on your theme demo – please.

    May we add and edit tabs on detail page ? I know we can exclude – thanks it’s great.

    Thank you

    • GeoTheme and GeoDirectory are 2 alternative products. 1 is a theme with all options included. The other is a set of plugins that can be used with any theme (except geotheme and other themes heavily relying on Google Maps API).


  11. if i buy geodirectory with all addons does it can have all function like geotheme but better desing? or geotheme is better option?

    • GeoDirectory offers all option GeoTheme offers and can be used with different themes. It is an alternative…

  12. Do you know if this will work with Builder Theme from iThemes please? I need a fully functioning blog/cms system as well as the directory etc. I’m pretty excited about this!!

    • Hi,

      we haven’t personally tested with it. But it should and if it doesn’t we are more than willing to fix whatever prevent from working with it.


  13. Hi,

    I’m looking at upgrading to the paid option however the only thing i’m missing is an “Export” feature to CSV. I currently have over 200 businesses listed on my website and i need to export their addresses so i can create a mail merge to contact my customers..

    Is this on the agenda and when is an estimated date for this?


  14. Just downloaded the plugin and think it will work great with my site. I’m going to need some layout changes and some bespoke work so if this something you can quote for or recommend anyone else?


  15. hi guys

    thanks for this awesome plugin, i am just in the middle of trying to figure out how i will be able to use integrate GeoDirectory with my CRM software infusionsoft . i am setting up a counselling and therapist directory with GeoDirectory . i want to combine the power of infusionsoft to generate leads to my website ans also Use Infusionsoft forms or carts to register new members, Manage passwords, billing and permissions. is this at all possible ? there are other applications which such as CustomerHub or iMember360 which can work with infusionsoft this way via API but they are not directories ?

    Any ideas how this could all work

    • Hi,

      currently we don’t provide an API, but we will in the future. That said, you could always have it custom built, as the plugin is fully open source.


  16. Wow, I like the new skin and the new features.
    I hope and I can register more than one business in the same location because I have more than one in the same city.

  17. Also i may be being slightly dumb here, but can I buy the Avada theme, and then the Geo plugin and install it on Avada? Or do I need to buy the Geo framework, then buy Avada child theme, then the Geo plugin on top of all that?

    Please help

    • Nope, just Avada (main theme on theme forest) and GeoDirectory, GDF is an alternative to avada and the avada child theme is no longer needed, infact it can’t be bought.


  18. I’m a bit confused. Is the plugin the latest and best product or the theme? I currently own the theme Version 3.4.5 and also Child Theme – 1.3.4 I have quite a bit of WordPress experience and use the paid WP themes from iThemes, usually Builder. Thanks for your help!

  19. I cannot activate the google map after input of api key, please advise; also, will GD Homepage look like the theme I am using now if not buy any theme from you? How can people search it within my site, any pull-down windows? I tried to add dummy data but where will they appear? Instruction is not enough and unclear, I suggest you to rewrite the whole thing, then you can sell much more…

  20. If enable users to register, does it mean they can access my wordpress thus easier to hack it? Because in the past we have hackers always trying to login to our wordpress in overseas, please advise.

    • Hi,

      registration will allow users to register with role subscribers, they will not have access to WordPress.


    • Not really close, it will take few more months and at this precise moment, we can’t even quantify how many.

      I’m sorry.

  21. Hi guys,

    Very nice and robust plugin here, I am using Kleo theme and the plugin came bundled, after doing some research about wpgeodirectory I found you also have themes, in fact I really like the layout that is used in the Supreme directory child theme, I wish I could use similar template with my Kleo theme, is there any way to achieve this? Can Supreme style being used with the wpgeodirectory plugin without installing Starter parent theme? if yes I would definitely get the add-ons or get the membership.


    • I mean the detail listing layout with the image header parallax effect, the “write review” button on the right side, the category shown with those dark color icons, etc. It looks just great.

    • I forgot to mention the logo looks great too.

      I already try to achieve this with the plugin but I could not.

    • HI,

      I’m sorry, but Supreme being a child theme of the Directory Starter theme can only be used with that theme.

      I’ve seen other members taking the geodirectory-compatibility.php file’s code and add it to Kleo theme to adapt the GD portion to the Supreme design.

      However this is not just a matter of copying and pasting, few lines of code would have to be removed/edited.


  22. Before I purchase the multilocator plugin, I want to be sure there is a way for me to update the listing form e.g change the default “Place Title” label to something like “Business Title” or anything else according to need.

    • Yes, you can do that either via language file or with the custom post type add-on.


  23. Can you update on an import/export addon from GT theme directory ? I think you’re losing many clients, that are using GT theme and could buy a new GD from you, as long as you can offer an addon to import all data from GT. Please inform me, as soon as it becomes available. Thanks

    • Hi Lynda,

      I’ve just checked the payment history and I don’t see any purchase under your name.

      IF the transaction completed correctly, you should have a receipt from our website. Let us know if you got it, otherwise I suspect that the transaction was either declined by your bank or didn’t complete for some other reason.

      Let us know,


    • Hi,

      I believe we did, it’s written all over the post and the plugin description too:

      WordPress Invoicing Plugin
      Create & Send Invoices, Manage Taxes & VAT
      Collect One Time & Recurring Payments

  24. Hi. Any plans for developing a deals add-on that allows businesses to add special deals to their listings to entice visitors to come to their stores/shops? Thanks.

    • Hi Ammy,

      Yes it is, with our advanced search addon you can add almost any custom field to the search and even some directly in the main bar and other in the advanced search area.



  25. Hi Stiofan,

    I just spent $200 on the Templatic Directory Theme and now think I have wasted my money as it seems so clunky. One of the things I don’t like is that to get Images into the Listing Gallery, you have to Upload from scratch, even if the image already exists in the WordPress Media Library.

    Do you have any issues like that in your GeoDirectory Plugin?

    Eg. Are there any instances where you have to re-upload an image if it already exists in the Media Library?

    One of the features I liked the sound of was the fact you can Tag News Posts by Location, which is a nice feature for creating a better experience for a Multi City directory.

    For example, if soeone visits the London part of the directory, they will see news from London, which would help SEO too and keep the whole experience more local.

    Can that be achieved with GeoDirectory?

    Do you offer a trial, so I can test it with my site?

    I look forward to your reply.


    • Hi Leonardo,

      we don’t use the media library too and let me explain why:

      1) the database would be filled with useless attachment posts in the wp_post and extra data in the wp_postmeta table

      2) when a user removes an image from a listing it is deleted, if it was simply stored you would then have to manage that yourself. Your media folder could be filled with useless images.

      Unfortunately we don’t offer the option to GeoLocate regular posts and pages too. We only do that for listings. However you could create an extra GD Custom Post Type to use as blog posts and in that case you could add the location to posts too.


  26. Really well made plugin. I have custom made directories available at my discretion and I chose this plugin over that custom software because this plugin does everything you would want for a Geo Based directory. Good job team!

  27. Hi there,

    I am a little bit of a novice so excuse me if i have got things a bit muddled. I have downloaded Geodirectory and directory starter and am working my way round it all. Should I also download the GD Framework? Is this the template that will help me build a good looking site? I’ve also seen the Divi theme i like. Is the Divi theme and alternative to the GD framework, or do you need both?
    Also, where does the Supreme directory come in to it all as i noticed you once you activate Supreme Directory then directory starter automatically deactivates and vis versa.

    Thankyou in advance!!

    • Hi,

      the GeoDirectory framework is an alternative to the Directory Starter, Supreme or Divi. You can only use on of them and the choice is totally yours.

      Supreme Directory is a child theme of the Directory Starter theme. You can use one or the other, but Supreme Directory requires the Directory Starter to be installed as well while Directory Starter

      Here you can see a demo of all of our themes: (For Divi we don’t have a demo, because is not one of our themes, but it is 100% compatible)

      Thank you,

    • Hi, after we’ll finish releasing V2 of all add-ons we’ll start working on a PWA and Apps for iOS and Android.
      No dates are set yet.


  28. Pre-sales question. I was wondering if it was possible to require a social media share of the main directory, or better yet- the pending listing, for listings to be approved?


    • Hi,

      plugins that allow you to share the website URL to social media exists. Making it a condition to approve a listing would have to be something you manage manually.


  29. Hi Paolo

    Just read your article on directory themes, excellent guide, thanks. I am using direcory with spot finder, you will know it. I’ve customised bits and it looks great visually. Issues i have are the same as you mention bugs and support who fail to understand the problems, have been forced to a club member in order to have support, so i am looking for a new theme.

    Listing pro or listify look great but have my concerns after your explanation.

    I really like the option to switch between listings and maps.

    Looking at your geodirectory, i have a few pre sales questions.

    My site is

    1)70% of traffic is from mobiles, Current theme (spot finder) doesn’t support GPS location which is vital for mobile, how does geodirectory handle location for mobiles.

    2) I have customised gmaps, is this possible, open street maps( i prefer as i am an outdoor tourism site, gmaps is has little trail data) is included? Can i customize the pins as i have on my current site? this is very important see my colour coded pins

    3) Please have a look at my current theme , can you recommend one that can achieve this clean style but also can handle video background without slow load speed that works with your plugin.

    Thanks regards Peter

    • Hi and thanks for your comment!

      1) We use Google GeoLocation services. Users visiting your website are asked if they want to share their browser location and if they do they are presented with listings near them.

      2) Yes you can

      3) Our directory starter will give you that and more, however video backgrounds will always slow down your website regardless the theme used, unless the video is very lightweight.

      Thank you

    • we don’t provide conversion services from other themes. If listingpro provides a way to export listings into a CSV file, you will be able to import into GeoDirectory. In order to do that without interruption, it’d be better to do it on a staging website first. Here you can find several experts who could be hired to help you out:


  30. Question presale, V2 is already active, installable and usable with the various plughin? if not for when you think it is available 100% active. Thank you

  31. Can you recommend a WP theme for directory-based websites? I have my eye on the (and others) as it boasts lightening-fast loading, etc. I’m also looking at the theme as it has a built-in vendor store/profile with ratings/reviews, etc., but I’d like to know the advantages of going with either a built-in theme directory and a plug-in directory such as GeoDirectory. Thanks.

    • Themes are made for presentation, plugins for features. Buying a theme that includes features is not smart as it’ll force you to use that theme forever or migration to a new platform will prove to be very challenging.

      Remember that for a fast loading website, you need a fast server, more than a fast theme. 1st will have a 10X higher impact than the second.

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