We are always looking for talented WordPress people, are you a problem solver?

Boost your career within the GeoDirectory Team, We are Hiring!

Work from anywhere in the World with a young, dynamic and multicultural team, to develop and support some of the most exciting themes and plugins for WordPress.

We mainly use GitHub and Slack as our collaborative tools. Currently we are a team of 6 between management, developers and support staff. We are distributed in 6 different locations spanning 4 continents. We are not perfect, but we constantly strive to evolve and improve both our products, services and working ethics.

WordPress Developer – Full time

If you have been developing with WordPress for at least two full years you might be the person we are looking for. Finding the right people to work with WordPress can be hard, we have had very good PHP developers apply but be refused because they don’t code using WordPress functions and standards. If you feel you are up to the task, please contact us here and we will reply with a small job application task to asses your skill level.
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Mobile Developer (Flutter) – Full time

If you have been developing with Flutteror other such cross platform mobile app approaches for at least 1 year full time then you might be the person we are looking for. Your role will include developing and maintaining our own and our customers mobile apps. Knowledge of WordPress is an advantage.
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Forum Support Staff – Full time

For this role you should have good written English and grammar. Skills with basic HTML, CSS and PHP are highly advantageous to this role. You should have advanced knowledge of how WordPress works in regards to themes and plugins and experience with GeoDirectory products is preferred.
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Freelancers – Work when you want

Are you looking for freelance work? If you developed GeoDirectory powered websites in the past, you should consider listing yourself in the GeoDirectory Developers Directory. There could be a lead waiting for you right now!