Membership – 4 Months

All GeoDirectory Products, Premium Support and Updates in a Juicy Bundle!

4 Months


Each 4 months
  • All Add-ons
  • All Themes
  • All New Products
  • Premium Support
  • Updates
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Auto-renewing
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1 Year


Each 12 months
  • All Add-ons
  • All Themes
  • All New Products
  • Premium Support
  • Updates
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Auto-renewing
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6 Months


Each 6 months
  • All Add-ons
  • All Themes
  • All New Products
  • Premium Support
  • Updates
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Auto-renewing
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I really get all your products, no matter which subscription I buy?

A: Yes you do! You will be entitled to download all of our add-ons & themes, receive premium support, get auto-updates and download any new products released for the corresponding period of time: 4, 6 or 12 months.

Q: Do you have a refund policy?

A: Yes 30-day money back guarantee. Read our refund policy here.

Q: With my subscription, on how many domains am I allowed to use your plugins?

A: Unlimited domains that you own! If you are developing a website for a client, we suggest to get an extra subscription to provide the client with his own credentials for auto-updates (unless you don’t mind sharing yours)

Q: I don’t like recurring payments, do you have non recurring plans?

A: Yes we do, just select one of these packages: 1 Year (single), 6 Months (single)
or 4 Months (single).

Q: What happen if I cancel my subscription or my non recurring plan ends, will the plugins stop working?

A: The plugins will continue to work, you will no longer have access to support and updates for them. In such case you should avoid updating anything else, which is the only thing that could create new conflicts.

Q: I’d rather pay more and get lifetime support and updates, is that possible?

A: Lifetime support and updates are not a sustainable business model, so we can’t offer such option, we are committed to reinvesting in the improvement of our products.

Q: PayPal requires a credit card on file to buy some of your plans, any alternative?

A: If you have problems paying, please select the (single) payment option, this option does not require a credit card to be linked to your PayPal account.

Q: PayPal isn’t available in my country, any alternative?

A: We now accept payment via Stripe also, this should work for most credit/debit cards from around the world. If you are having problems please contact us for more information.

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62 thoughts on “Membership – 4 Months

  1. Estou querendo fazer uma assinatura inicial de 4 meses para testar as funcionalidades, trabalho com viagens e pretendo desenvolver uma comunidade de viajantes. Em uma de suas explicações so o tema, vi que vocês se referiram ao tripadvisor, como isso funciona? As funcionalidades são as mesmas?

    1. Yes you can build something very similar to Trip Advisor.


  2. How about if I sell a directory to someone else? Will the directory continue to function as normal or do they also have to purchase a license?

    1. Either you sell them your licenses too, or if you prefer to keep your licenses, whoever buy the directory, must buy a subscription with us to get support and updates.

  3. Can I get the 1 year plan at a prorated amount after signing up for the 4 months plan first?

    1. Hi Joe,

      We don’t have a specific way to upgrade as when moving from the different time frames it needs to generate new licences. The ideal way would to be either just wait till the 4 months ran out and buy the 12 months or if its a case you are not sure if it will work for you, it might be best to buy the 12 months and use our 30 day money back guarantee if you find GD does not fit your needs.



  4. Thanks for the response. Let me pose another question just I clear on “updates”. Using the above mentioned Multisite Admin Dashboard and running separate GeoDirectory in each, would I be able to insert a Job Board directory created with Custom Post Types into each individual instance of GeoDirectory within the network? I want to be able to uniformly improve the directory aspect (jobs, resumes, recipe sections, etc) of all the individual sites as the network grows with essentially the push of a button after the first GeoDirectory’s is manually updated. Is that possible? I’m moving ahead with a 4 month $99 license with the intention of paying a 2nd payment of $100 within 30 days to upgrade to a $12 month license. I’m very looking forward to building with it.

    Thanks again

    1. No, only updates are made via network admin. Each site must be setup and configured individually.


  5. I’m a bit confused regarding how buddypress functions with GeoDirectory. I’m interested in developing several small local community social sites in a region, each with a business directory yet have the ability for businesses to post a listing in multiple locations (communities) yet limit social membership solely to local residents of a particular. Is using a multisite network for buddypress problematic for GeoDirectory updating. It seems I read that all addons had to be activated at each multisite community. Does that mean that all GeoDirectory updating has to be done at each community as well. Alternatively…under GeoDirectory’s location addon, does Buddypress automatically act just within that location? I’d like to be able to have 5 separate buddypress sites yet be able to offer a dentist to ability to be listed all 5 directories (franchise).

    1. Hi,

      updating GeoDirectory in multisite, is like updating any other plugin. You do that from the network admin dashboard. What you can’t do is network activate the plugins. They need to be activated for each individual website within the network.

      The only way to do what you want is to have 5 separate buddypress site, each with a separate directory and use this plugin to broadcast the content between websites of the network.

      They have a premium add-on for GeoDirectory.


  6. hy i download the beta geodirectory v2.0 but its not working properly

    1. Hi,

      not working properly is a bit of a generic statement and this is not the right place to ask for support. Please ask for support here


      p.s. if you are trying to install V2 on an existing V1 website with add-ons and one of our themes, it will not work properly yet. Please read this with attention:

      What’s Next? Add-ons V2 and conversion tool

      All the above has been added since we released the very 1st beta, back at the end of March.

      While the beta was debugged, our team started converting the add-ons to work with V2.

      We will add 1 major improvements to each add-on before releasing them.

      More enhancement will be introduced in future versions.

      The 1st add-on to be worked on is the location manager.

      We will focus the 1st improvement around the Location Switcher.

      When the Location Manager V2 Beta will be out, we’ll start working on the V1 -> V2 conversion tool.

      Finally all other add-ons one by one.

      While the developers will be coding, the support team will take care of the new documentation.

      We hope to complete this process within the next couple of months.

      Our team of WordPress developers just welcomed a new element and things should become a lot faster now that the biggest task has been completed.

      Can I use this version for a production site?

      You can use this version for a production site, we are fairly confident you will not encounter major bugs or fatal errors. What you cannot do yet, is converting your current GeoDirectory powered website from V1 to V2.

      It can still be used for new websites only and without any of the add-ons.

  7. Hi Paolo!
    An apologize if I ask you again but I want to be very sure:
    If I buy Membership for 4 months ($99.00) and I checked that is working very well into my project before the 4 months, Can I upgrade the membership 12 months and only pay the difference $100?

    1. Hi,

      no, that would get you 4 months for free. You only upgrade within the 1st 30 days of your original purchase.


  8. Hi, I want to buy the geodirectory+addons but I need first to be sure I get core translate the theme to Arabic. Please explain the steps to do this and what files I should use.


    1. Hi,

      here you find the documentation about translation:

      Thank you

  9. Hola, soy de Argentina, estoy interesado en comprar el servicio de 99 dolares, pero antes tengo algunas consultas. En el caso de que ya no lo quiera luego de los 4 meses, no puedo actualizar ningún otro pluguin de mi wordpress? Hay alguna versión que sea en español?

    1. If you stop updating GeoDirectory add-ons you should stop updating everything else. That’s the only thing that can bring in new conflict. If you wish to keep updating, you should keep an active membership with us.

      Yes the plugin has been translated in spanish, however we don’t provide support in spanish and we invite all our users to only write in English on our website.


  10. Nope, it is not, at least, not all links are there (3 payments extensions), but I already wrote it.

    1. You can find the gateways in your account area here



  11. I get emailwith download links and I didn’t downloaded all. Today I have message tht link(s) is expired. On my Dashboard I can’t see all items (3 payments extensions). What do to?

    1. Hello,

      The email links expire after 24 hours, you can access your downloads from your account area 🙂



  12. Is it available upgrade from 4 months to 12 months within period of 4 months (so, only 100$)? Reason is obvious – I want to have more time to be sure and to invest less money (as refund is within 60 days and I will have additional 60 days for 99$ to keep trial (now, permanently paid).

    1. It is not, however if you request a refund within 30 days to upgrade to the 12 months, you’ll get it.

    2. refund is within 30 days, not 60.

  13. This looks a great deal especially if I understand correctly it’s for unlimited domains. Will be buying a licence very shortly.

    1. It is for unlimited domains, thanks

  14. hi! i am from mexico, your service its only into the usa or its a world wide service,thanks!

    1. Hi, the system works for every country world wide!


  15. Hi,
    I just bought 4 months membership. Because I’m now doing all experimenting stuff on one site and after it’s been finalized I move them to the formal one. And I saw that says unlimited domains of the membership plan. Then I just saw the Licence keys are all for the single site. So it means I have to buy them again if I want to use in both two sites?

    1. That is just a label for the download, with memberships all licenses are for unlimited domains.

      Thank you!

  16. Perfect!
    And how does it do that? I mean, do I have to select/enter multiple cities? If so, imagine how many cities are there in a single state! Also, I assume that add-on is included, or right? And the theme (because I have tried your free version, it doesn’t seem to work with my current theme)?


    1. You don’t need to enter locations in advance. They are added when adding new listings. The membership includes everything.

  17. Hi there,
    A question before I proceed,
    your free version is forcing a “Default Location” and I have noticed a person can’t add a location outside the “default” location (city).
    Will a paid version overide this or not?

    1. Hi,

      yes the location manager add-on extend the directory to multiple locations.


  18. If I buy your product, can I pay you with traditionally bank transfer?
    Can I included (installed) the local payment module (addons) to your platform?

    1. Hi, yes you can pay via bank transfer if you wish. The install service is not included and we don’t provide such service.

      You can hire a freelancer via or if you wish to have someone do that for you.

      If you wish to pay via bank transfer let us know and we’ll send you bank details via email.


  19. If I buy 4 mounths for 99€ and at the end, if I’m satisfacted of your product, I can to renew for 12 mounths paying 199€ ?

    1. Yes you can, however the license keys will change. You’ll have to update them on your website.


  20. en donde se paga el servicio¿

    Los pagos en que moneda son¿

    1. You pay on the next page (check out). Currency is US dollars.


  21. Hi paolo, I would like to ask a question, if I want a function that is not in your addons list, what can I do??

    1. We suggest to hire a freelance developer to build the extra feature for you. You can find them in Websites like and


  22. hi paolo
    if i purchased the theme for 39$ is it includes multi- location addon ,or we have to pay separate for multi-location

    1. The Location Manager is not included in any of the themes.


  23. Oh wow, when did the prices increase?

    1. Last February.

  24. If I buy the full priced add-on or theme, does it comes with lifetime updates?

    1. Oh I see, full price is charged yearly.

  25. If I get the 4 months (single) I can always get the subscription later on, right? How does that workout?

    1. That is correct, after the 1st 4 subscription expire it won’t auto renew. Whenever you are ready to manually renew, select the recurring option instead of the single option.


  26. Just to clarify my understanding.
    When I pay for 4 months to get all themes and plugins, and don’t renew support and update subscription, you state:
    “The plugins will continue to work, you will no longer have access to support and updates for them. In such case You Should Avoid Updating Anything Else, which is the only thing that could create new conflicts.”
    What exactly does that mean?
    Dont update WordPress?, other plugins?, or anything?

    1. You shouldn’t update anything…

  27. if i go for 4 months plan and what happen after that Do i only stop receiving update and still can use plugins and themes?

    1. Hi,

      that is correct, only support and updates stop.


  28. Let me get this straight,

    This is saying $150x12mo or $150 for 12mo?

    1. hi,

      $150 per year.


  29. I would ask another question, which I did not find here.

    When I pay first a for membership and then later after ending it decide to buy the full theme or plugin, is this possible without changing the setting (deinstall/install) on the site?

    1. and for which price? the full price or different calculated

      1. full price… Thanks

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