GeoMarketplace is a new plugin created by the top rated Developer of the GeoDirectory Experts Directory: Webnware

It connects WooCommmerce and WC Marketplace with GeoDirectory, to allow listings owners to sell their products from within their listings, by creating a new profile tab called “Shop”.

shop tab

At the moment it allows to sell only Digital and Physical products, but the developer told us there are plan to integrate the WooCommerce Booking and Box Office Extensions.

So that listings owners could be able to offer online booking capabilities and sell tickets for Events.

We installed the plugin on “GeoDirectory Experts”, our directory of GeoDirectory Developers for Hire, so that they can start selling 3rd party add-ons and or their services packaged at a fix price.

Example could be : GeoDirectory Install & Configuration, SEO, CSV files with public listings data (example: All Hotels in New York) and so on.

Vendor Registration & Dashboard

GeoMarketplace will provide a menu item that behaves differently for different users.

  • It will be invisible for non logged in users and regular subscribers.
  • It will be visible for listing owners with the anchor text “Become a Vendor”.
  • It will be visible for those who registered as vendor with the anchor text “Vendor Dashboard”.

The vendor dashboard comes from WC Marketplace as is:

vendor dashboard

Front End Products Management.

Vendors can create and edit products from a front end form, they can also review orders received.

manage products

add new product

Buyers Front End Orders Management

Buyers can manage orders made and downloads from the front end too.

orders made

order download

Will GeoMarketplace work with V2

This current version is for GeoDirectory V1, however the developer is already working on a new version for GeoDirectory V2. Buyers of the plugin will get the update to V2 for free.

Get it here

The developer decided to sell it through his listing on the GeoDirectory Expert Directory:

Buy GeoMarketplace

Support and Updates

Support and updates will be provided directly by the developer on his website:

33 thoughts on “GeoDirectory + WooCommerce + WC Marketplace = GeoMarketplace

  1. This is fantastic! I am building this capability as we speak so I may hold off on that. If they can integrate selling listings as well all my problems are solved as I would not need two different invoicing systems.

    • That is something that we will introduce in the payment manager v2. Maybe not right away, but possibly in version 2.1.
      Thanks Mark

  2. Is it posible to have a full GeoMarketplace so to speak? In a directory u would look for the vendor maybe using the “nearest” functionality and then u can go into the vendors shop. Would it be posible to do something similar but to look for the nearest product instead of vendor? For instance lets say u have a directory of electronic vendors but if u wat to buy a cellphone that many of the vendors carry and u dont mind the price, Could u filter for that specific product in a similar way the “nearest” feature work? so when u click SEARCH u would be searching each vendors shops (suppossing the product is available) to match the product u want and then the result would be ordered by which vendors are the nearest. Not sure if it makes sense but I think it would be wonderful.

    • That would be possible by adding a tag to the listing for each product created for that listing. I think it could be easily automated too…

    • That plugin wouldn’t be needed and wouldn’t work with the setup described in this post.

      GeoMarketplace is needed to allow listing owner to sell products from within their listing with WooCommerce.

      That plugin only allows to show orders made and invoices in users profile for Easy Digital Downloads, that is a different e-commerce system.

      Hope this helps

  3. Hi there. Can’t believe this is here. I been trying to work out how to do this.
    Now I have 2 questions.
    How does the product owners get paid?
    How are they notified that a product has been sold.

    • WC Marketplace handles pays out. You have several options, including auto or manual withdrawal.
      Yes that do get a notification of each sales they make and they have a dashboard showing their situation.


  4. A few questions assuming I’m going to use instead of WC
    1. Is there a new version compatible with GDV2
    2. Is this combination possible: GDV2 + WpInvoicing + GeoMarketplaceV2

    • 1. There is and it’ll be released soon.
      2. No this only works with WooCommerce + WC Marketplace.


    • We installed the plugin on “GeoDirectory Experts”, our directory of GeoDirectory Developers for Hire, so that they can start selling 3rd party add-ons and or their services packaged at a fix price.

      We use it to sell it on the GD experts directory…


    • Also, how do the products get added to the listing, lets say a vendor created a product using his/her marketplace plugin dashboard. Will the product automatically get added to the listing? and what if the owner of a listing has multiple listings?

  5. This is great. I just discovered GeoMarketplace and I already have WC Marketplace.

    Sorry, I’m new to GeoDirectory still and my question may be obvious.

    I was thinking initially to have a directory site and a marketplace as two distinct sites for my community. But now with GeoMarketplace, I’m thinking of combining the two sites.

    Question: I want to offer businesses – both online-only and ones with physical locations – to sell on my marketplace, is it possible to have online-only listings with GD?


    • Hi,

      Yes you can create an extra custom post type for online listings and use the default custom post type for the listing with physical location. The Custom post type add-on will be needed.

      Thank you

  6. Thanks Paolo. I will wait until they release GeoMarketplaceV2.

    BTW – I’ve been following your development. Keep up the great work!

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