Google Analytics V2 BETA released

Frontend Google Analytics for your users
Google Analytics Frontend widget

Today we released the 1st BETA version of the Google Analytics Add-on for GeoDirectory V2.

You can download it from your account area now. If it’s not in your account area you can buy it here (its free):

Google Analytics

Anyone who used GDv1 might be wondering “is that not built into core?“…
In GDv1 it was built into core but not everyone used it and the Google API framework code needs to all be included even if all you use is a tiny part of it like we do which adds up to almost 6mb! So now it’s a free addon 🙂

The backend settings are pretty much the same, the functionality of the plugin remains the same, you can easily link your Google Analytics account to your site with just a few clicks and have it insert the tracking code for you.

The way the frontend works now it slightly different, there is a widget/shortcode/block to display things on the frontend, you can now easily set the button text and choose who the analytics are shown to, you can now also show it to “Everyone” even logged out users, which is new 🙂

Please report bugs in the dedicated forum as usual:

Published by Stiofan O'Connor

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