GeoDirectory Framework Home Page.

GeoDirectory Framework was designed to be used with the GeoDirectory plugin to create a complete wordpress directory theme, though it can be used without it. You can enable and disable widget areas and also style almost any area of your website from within the Framework Options Page.

It is extremely easy to build a child theme using GeoDirectory framework as a solid base foundation. We will start releasing our own child themes very soon.

GeoDirectory Framework Responsive Layout.

GeoDirectory Framework is 100% responsive and adapts perfectly to any device screen resolution. It also provides 2 App look-alike sliding menus.

GeoDirectory Framework Responsive Layout

GeoDirectory Framework Responsive Layout

GeoDirectory Framework Pages

Every GeoDirectory plugin page looks good on GDF out of the box. You can customize the look and feel both through the customizer and the framework options pages, without editing one single line of code.

Should you wish to customize further the plugin and modify the templates output, you need to copy the templates from wp-content/plugins/GeoDirectory/templates into your child theme and edit the code. Css can be added to the child theme style.css file.

GeoDirectory Framework Home Page.

Home Page

GeoDirectory Framework Listings Page.


GeoDirectory Framework Listing Details Page.

Listing Details

GeoDirectory Framework Signup Page.


GeoDirectory Framework Add Listing Page.

Add Listing

GeoDirectory Framework Theme Customizer.

For quick styling modification, the built-in WordPress customizer with live previw can be used.

GeoDirectory Theme Framework Customizer

GeoDirectory Theme Framework Customizer

GeoDirectory Framework Main Options Page

Here you can can set the website layout width. It can be set to fluid or to any fixed width. The same can be also done for the Home page top section, normally containing the map.

GeoDirectory Framework Main Options Page

GeoDirectory Framework Main Options Page

GeoDirectory Framework Header Options Page.

Here you can modify every header element styling option:

  • Site Logo
  • Site Logo Margins
  • Site Title Text
  • Tagline Text Color
  • Header Background
  • Header Gradient Color Option
  • Menu Font
  • Menu Background Color
  • Menu Gradient Color Option
  • Sub Menu Background Color
  • Sub Menu Border Color
  • Menu Border Option
  • Menu Button Border Option
  • Menu Border Radius

You can also set Admin Bar’s and Mobile options.

GeoDirectory Framework Header Options Page

GeoDirectory Framework Header Options Page

GeoDirectory Framework Body Options Page.

Here you can modify every body element styling option:

  • Body Background
  • Body Gradient Color Option
  • Content Background Color
  • Sidebar Background Color
  • Button Color
  • Button Hover Color
  • Body Font
  • Links Color Option
  • Menu Gradient Color Option
  • Body h1 Font
  • Body h2 Font
  • Menu Border Option
  • Body h3 Font
GeoDirectory Framework Body Options Page

GeoDirectory Framework Body Options Page

GeoDirectory Framework Footer Options Page.

Here you can modify every footer element styling option:

  • Footer Background
  • Footer Gradient Color Option
  • Footer text Color
  • Sidebar Background Color
  • Enable footer widget areas
  • Button Hover Color
  • Copyright text
GeoDirectory Framework Footer Options Page

GeoDirectory Framework Footer Options Page

48 thoughts on “GeoDirectory Theme Framework

  1. Please help me understand how to add the child theme- I’m a newbie and I can’t figure it out :(

  2. this is probably a silly question – but i’m a little confused as to the difference between geo directory and geo theme. if i subscribe to geo directory – does it also come automatically with it’s own theme or do i need to also purchase hte geo theme for it to work? thanks

    • Hi,

      GeoTheme and GeoDirectory are 2 different product. 1 is a theme with all options included. The second is a plugin that allows to add directory options to any theme.

      If you buy a GeoDirectory membership you will also get all the themes and compatibility packs we developed for GeoDirectory. GeoTheme and GeoDirectory cannot work together. They are alternatives.


    • Hi,
      yes it does have a multi level menu.
      Yes you can disable reviews. (they are wordpress comments)

  3. Hi;

    If I purchase GeoTheme to start can I move over to GeoDirectory later? Reason I ask is the Voucher add-on by 3rd party vendor is only available for Theme and not Directory.


    • Hi,

      sooner or later we will provide a convertion tool, to move from Gt to GD, but at the moment it would require manual work. Obviously GD would have to be bought as a separate product.


  4. Hi is it possible to use a different style for different categories. example : a style for restaurant and another for hotel … or a style for a place and another for events ..?

  5. Hi,
    If I go for the subscription at 12.50 per month can I subscribe only for a month or two months? Will all of the add-ons stop working if I’m not paying the 12.50 per month or is it that I just will not receive any updates or support?

    • Hi,
      the minimum commitment is for 4 months at $15/month for an upfront of $60. No, plugin will never stop working. Only support and updates are no longer provided. To access the $12.5/month price you have to pay for 12 months in advance.

  6. Hi, I’m really confused on this site. I’m sorry. I’m looking at your geodirectory framework “Theme”. soooo…i pay $45 for the THEME and get everything that i’m reading on this page? everywhere i’m looking you have addons that cost as much as the theme. when i purchase this theme, do i not get anything with it? i’m not looking for a subscription. just a one time buy. this “geodirectory framework theme” is included with everything ready to go? i’m not finding a BUY button anywhere either. how do i purchase it? thanks!

    • Hi,
      by paying $45 you only purchase the GDF theme framework that was built to be used with GeoDirectory (a free plugin), but it doesn’t include any addon.

      SHould you want the addons too, you can buy them individually, or get the subscription which includes everything (GDF, all other themes and all the addons) starting from $60 including 4 months of updates and support. Here you can see all options:


  7. Dear People,
    is t possible to combine the tweaking tools of this Framework with Genesis and the Bold Geo child theme?

  8. i have de plugin for wordpress 4.1, but i cant add adress, because after add adress, is removed and appeared something like this message: “you need select one city”. i need help. :(

  9. Dear Paolo,

    You’ve mentioned in your comment above that GeoTheme and GeoDirectory are two different products that cannot be used together. Is there someplace I can get a simple comparison to understand which product is right for me? Please let me know. Thanks in advance!

    • The biggest difference is rapresented by the fact that GeoDirectory, being a plugin can be used with different themes, thus is more flexible in terms of styling.
      In addition you can work with more custom post types, but generally features are similar. GeoTheme offers the apps as addons that GeoDirectory currently doesn’t.

  10. Dear Team i like to buy this theme but i have a question please :

    i have an active site ( ) and already there is content ,i found a WD plugin i did installed it but could not activate it ,i think i need to have for subdomain for example i can do it under my active in a page . the name of the plugins is Geodirectroy


  11. Hi, Are you working on programming to easily “appify” the Framework for iPhones and Android soon? …such as you have available with the older theme.

    • Yes we definitely intend to create apps for GD too, but it will require time before we will be able to release them. We haven’t started building the API yet.

  12. Hello, I have set up Geo Directory and at present I have been able to reduce my menu’s to “add place” and “add listing” but I would like to remove “add place” and also change the “place” name to something different. Is this possible?

    • Hi,

      there is no difference in an account of a business or a consumer in GeoDirectory. Both can add listings and submit reviews. The difference is that the business would normally pay to get more features in their listings.

      Thank you

  13. What’s the logic behind the consumer being able to add new listings? Can the consumer be prohibited from adding new listings?

    • hi,

      most successful websites that GeoDirectory mimics like Yelp or Trip Advisor allow users to enter business to review them.

      Than owners can claim their listing and eventually udpate information and reply to reviews.

      This is the logic.

      You can disable all users to add listing and only the admin will be able to add them from the backend or allow anyone to add them.


  14. How can I add a button to the listings? So that the button automatically populates without having to add it with html to each new post.

    • there are hooks and filters for that. If you wish to receive support for them, please join our forum and post your questions there.


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