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Managing a large diverse directory just got way easier. Harness the full power of WordPress custom post types (CPT) to offer and manage multiple listing categories.

Here’s how it works: each new listing you make with GeoDirectory is a custom post. By default, GeoDirectory offers a single custom post type, called “Places”. This add-on lets you create and add as many CPT’s as you need, allowing you to divide categories and manage features and parameters per CPT.

Each CPT has its own form builder, so you can add in any custom fields, prices, custom categories and tags that you need. You can even create listings without a physical location and build a directory of websites or online services.

Video Walkthrough

Any new CPTs you create will have their own dedicated sidebar menu and management system, just like “Places”.

Use with Advance Search Filters to provide truly granular search

This add-on also integrates perfectly with our Advance Search Filters add-on. Using the two together, you can search per post type and apply search filters per post type. For example a CPT for “Hotels” could have filters such as “Free WiFi” or “Pets Allowed”, affording your users a truly granular search experience.


Form Builder

Form Builder

Add new

Add new

45 thoughts on “Custom Post Types

  1. with this…

    Can I create subcategories?


    Chinese – Japanese- Mexican…

    Festivals – Live – Party

    Is important to me known it…

  2. Can we somehow auto-expire or hide listings? I want an events option/tab as well as places

    • Yes, you can set an expiration date for listings and automatically downgrade or draft listings.

    • When you create a new custom post type, the plugin will automatically create taxonomies for it. Example if you create a CPT called Hotel you will have gd_hotelcategory, gd_hotel_tags as new taxonomies for it.

  3. Can I create items for sale for my listing clients? If so – can those sale items be listed with their own search criteria – and – also be listed under the actual “listing” ?

  4. If I’m already using WP-Types and already have many Custom Post Types – will this interfere?

    • Can’t say 100% sure, because I’ve never tried them together, but they could potentially work together… Let us know if you did a test.

    • this would be a great thing to know, with views (the companion plugin of wp-types) it would very easy to extend the funcionalitis of the site

  5. Once user has selected a specific city on the search results page is it possible to show a list of all communities/neighborhoods for that city? What are the options in this regard?

    • Hi,

      with multilocation addon installed you can create neighbouhoods for each location and with widget diplay them when a user is visiting a location general or listings page.


  6. When I need to create a neighbouhood: can I choose to use all cities in an area of xx kilometers/miles ? Does it add all cities in an area of xx km/miles automatically ?



    • GeoDirectory doesn’t create batches of locations automatically. Users can add locations while adding new listings, if they are not already in the database.


    • CPT are all like places. While events (still a CPT) has different fields specific to events, like start and end date/time.

  7. Could this be used to create deals that would go along with an event or a listing? The one thing I miss with GeoDirectory is the capacity to do promotional offers or deals on the listings or on the events.

    If this plugin won’t do a good job are there any daily deal plugins that will work well with GeoDirectory?

  8. Hi Paolo,

    Can you recommend a good programmer to help me set this up and make a few small changes?



  9. I am looking to create lists of places, like a list of hotels with a daycare or indoor swimming pool within a hotels category. Can I use this feature to create such lists or allow my users to do that.

  10. 2 Questions…
    1. I saw you mention that each new CPT has custom taxonomies automatically created (categories, tags). Is there the ability to create additional custom taxonomies for new CPTs or the original “Places” post type?
    2. Can Events be linked in any way to a Place or CPT? For example, if a restaurant was holding an event and I wanted it to display in the Events section but also be listed on the restaurants individual profile page. Is that possible?

    Thank you!

  11. In the demo on this site you see a “People” post type. Did you use the Custom Post Type addon to create that post type or is there another addon that you can use to set that up?

  12. Is it possible to create classified listing cpt and link this with the directory. I am looking for a solution to have directory and classified features together

    • Yes you can create classified CPT, but currently we can link a CPT listings with another CPT listings. Only events and CPTs can be linked together.


  13. Hi
    Can a custom post type be used to search for a record from the front page map and everywhere else? Like a user created keyword


    • I’m not sure I understand the question, a custom post type is a type of listing. Like a macro category.
      If you mean a custom field, yes it can be used as a search variable.


  14. Hi folks,

    i like to build a medical directory of doctors. Is your plugin the best for this? I think a ‘doctor’ is no place, so what kind of item is a doctor?
    Which addons do i need? I’m a bit confused.
    It would great if you can give me a tip.

    with best regards

    • Hi,
      the word places can be easily change to doctors.
      Depending if the directory is for 1 single city or more than 1, you may need the multilocation addon. If you intend to charge for premium listings, you will need the Prices and Payments addon and so on.

      It really depends what you intend to do.


  15. Hello Paolo,
    thanks a lot. Now i know that i have to buy the multilocation and payment addon too :)

    I start.


  16. Hi paolo,
    i bought the 4 Months Addons bundle but can not find this addon here, the payment addon and multilocation addon. Where do find this?


  17. how do I change the word places to something else?

    I want to create a class directory and school directory.

    You said something about through the translate addon above but how.


  18. My theme is using a custom post type to display freelancer jobs. Is it possible to combine your plugin with this custom type? For example assign the different meta boxes to each other?

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