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Prices and payments is a powerful payment manager that allows you to monetize your directory quickly and easily via a pay per listing business model.

You can create unlimited price packages, assign features and benefits to each of them such as a prominent “Featured” banner and accept online payments, via five default payment gateways. If you choose Paypal or Stripe (extra Add-on), you can also offer free trial and recurring payments via the add-on.

Video Walkthrough

The interface allows efficient management of package features, such as images, website links and telephone numbers. You can set an expiry date for listings and edit the fields that are shown next to each price package.

The add-on also keeps track of payments and extends the notification system to keep your users up to date.

Prices and Payments integrates perfectly with all other GeoDirectory add-ons. If you have “Custom Post Types” installed then Prices and Payments will allow you to create price packages per post type.

Payment gateways currently available are:

  • Paypal
  • 2CO
  • Google Wallet
  • Worldpay
  • Stripe*

* Requires extra add-on














81 thoughts on “Prices and Payments

    • Hi,
      yes the prices and payments addon is built to be extendable just like the core plugin. We will start building extra payment gateway very soon.

  1. “You can even offer a “Featured” package…”

    Are or can package enhancements (e.g., front page placement, featured, top of category, etc.) be treated separately from listing options?

    So let’s say listings run 180 days, but promotional features like the package enhancements above might run for 30 days. A business want to retain their general listing year-round, but only pay for these enhancements during certain months of the year, such as a restaurant targeting months with key holidays like Easter, Mother’s Day, New Year’s Eve, etc.

    • Hi Brian,

      I am new here and wondering if you found a solution to your query above.
      I do not see how enhancements can be treated separately from listing options.

      Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

      Many thanks/


    • Hi,

      you will need to create different price packages with different listings enhancements.

      Please submit your questions in the forum for support.


    • If by coupon you mean to sell discounted listings to business owners. Yes, you can even provide a free trial.
      If you mean coupons created by business owners to provide special offers via their listings, no that’s currently not possible, but it soon will when Jeff converts is GT Vouchers to work with GD too.


  2. can i create different payments for diff listing types, for example business free / business paid and school free and school paid

    free listing types have less features of course :)

    • Yes a Stripe extension for the prices and paymnents addon is 70% done.
      I hope we will be able to release it this week.

    • Hi Greg,
      developer is almost done with it. We hope to release it in the next few days.

  3. Above you wrote about the GT voucher extension. I have had a look at it, however this doesn’t really meet my needs. What I am looking for is similar to e.g. – online coupons codes, not actual physical vouchers. I know there are other themes supporting this, however I do not really like those solutions from what I have seen so far and really love your approach. Any thoughts on this being realized?

    • Hi,

      we are definitely interested in working on a “Deals” addon, however at present, I can’t really tell when we will be able to start working on it.


  4. Hey!
    Thanks for a great looking plugin. We are considering setting it up and buying the extensions.
    If you set a listing as featured will it then also show up on top in relevant searches, not just in categories?
    Also is it possible to set that people should pay by invoice, ut that we will send the invoices out to them (after they submit their listing frontend) and that the listings should be pre-moderated, so that we can activate them after we receive the payment from the client?

    • Hi,

      it will show on top of searches only if it is the top releavant result for that particular search. Otherwise the search results would be wrong and misleading.
      Yes, that is feasible.

  5. But let’s say you have a business directory where 10 companies in the same city have selected Printers as one of their keywords. If people search for Printers in that city then I would like the listings that have paid the most to be on top, if they are all relevant.

  6. One more things. When you say that it’s feasible, does that mean the functionality and we can just simple set it in the settings, or does it require some development from our side?

    • There is an option to set new listing as draft for to moderate them. No need for custom development.

  7. Hey would you mind letting me know which web host you’re working with? I’ve loaded your blog in 3 completely different internet browsers and I must say this blog loads a lot faster then most. Can you suggest a good internet hosting provider at a fair price? Kudos, I appreciate it! eaedgkefakbe

    • We use a dedicated server from with nginx and fastcgi installed. The home page is particularly optimized for fast loading, doing only 21 database queries…

  8. Very important to me would be a “Deals” add on. It would be nice if it could be integrated with a member payment level so a certian level would allow posting of deals x amount of times.

    Also, allow users to follow say a business and receive notifications of new deals posted by those they follow.

    • At the moment we don’t have a “Deal” addon. It would require an ecommerce integration. We are planning to developing something similar in the future, but we can’t promise anything right now…

  9. Perhaps the Events could be made into a deals type of thing? Then deals could be offered for a range of time. (Next Monday starting at 10:00am and ending at 1:00pm.) Seems like the deals and events are a good match? Just a thought.

    • Hi, Events won’t let you sell anything… Deals are supposed to be part of an ecommerce solution.

  10. Hello,
    Actually you are not understanding. “Deals” DO NOT need to be part of any “ecommerce integration”. I am talking about the ability for a company to list deals to their followers. There would be NO purchasing anything from the customer through any type of e-commerce solution on the website. They are wanting customers to come to their business NOT purchase anything through the internet.

    These “Deals” would announce to those following their listings that they are offering a deal (at their establishment). Example: “Announcing 10% off everything on Tuesday from 1:00PM to 5:00PM.”

    Those who are followers of the business would receive this “Deal” announcement. Also there could be a section that lists “Deals” announced from businesses. (For those who pay to have their deal featured).

    Hope you have a better understanding of “Deals” not being e-commerce related.


    • Hi again,

      in that case event would do just fine… The only thing now, would be finding a system to “follow” an establishment.

      At the moment, users can only store places in their favorites and that doesn’t trigger any notification of events added…


  11. Having a mechanism to trigger sending of notifications to followers would be a huge help not only in what we are talking about with deals, but also in other discussions features. Perhaps you could pass that along to the team there. :)


  12. I want to setup basic business information as the webmaster and then allow business owners the ability to edit that information and add photos etc after they have paid for a package.

    When a business owner buys a package can they edit an existing listing or do they have to create an entirely new one?

    • Hi, business owners can claim any listing and once approved they can edit them or upgrade them and add more pictures and extra info.


  13. I currently use Quickbooks (Intuit) merchant services and I process CC payments through them, Does your payment solutions support this?

    • Hi,

      not at the moment, but the system has been built to be extended. We are currently working on the Stripe payement gateway and with that we will also release documentation on how to add new payment gateways.


  14. Hey, I’ve already got the X Theme, got a domain name, and all that. What I’m wondering is:
    “Where do folks get all the content from?” Do y’all scrape the data? Do you rely on business owners to upload it? Going on the notion that Content Is King, I’d much rather see all the businesses already “IN” the db, and then attempt to monetize. In other words, “Oh, looky looky ~ I’ve already uploaded your business in here. Now pay me for something cool like ‘coupons’, ‘featured’, ‘claimed’, ‘updating the contact info t deliver leads to your business’, or something similar.
    Speaking of monetizing the platform, where’s a module for ads? Is that something I’d need to go hash out w/ another plugin? Or can that be handled within the plugin/platform as well?

    I’m ready to throw some money at …something! :-) The (actual) domain is ready, SSL is ready (for when you get Stripe going), X Theme is bought, so…

    Let’s make a directory site! Shoot me back some answers to the details or post it here. Thanks! -Brad

  15. Does this plugin:
    1. handle automatic renewal where a customer sets up recurring payment order?
    2. unpublish a paid entry where a paid-for period expires?
    3. send a reminder to customers whose paid-for period is about expire?
    4. can we allow corporate customers to have multiple email addresses or accounts associated with a single listing?

  16. In response to the last comment, the company can buy an html tab where they put all contact information. I believe this is already possible.

    • Yes, but I think he was asking if multiple users (emails) can manage 1 listing and in that case the answer is not. Only 1 user can be admin of a listing.


    • Only the beta. Next week we should release few new things including Stripe debugged once and for all.


  17. Hi Paolo, I would like you to help me clarify a couple of things please. I love the look of this and can’t wait to start working with it.

    1) How do the free trials work? What happens when it’s over? Can it automatically be converted to a paid account?
    2)I am a little confused. Can I use a coupon to give to a business in order to sign them up for a trial?
    3) Do I have the option to add videos to profiles?

    Thanks in advance.


    • Hi,

      1) that’s how it works, if the customer doesn’t cancel before expiration, he’s automatically billed.
      2) Yes you can, but free trial and coupons are 2 separate things in reality. One is to allow a customer to try before being billed, the other is to offer a discount on a fixed price.
      3) Yes you do.


  18. What do you do if you want to allow a company/person to have a listing and add events as part of their package? It would seem kind of clunky if they have to pay twice … I’m not sure why events aren’t somehow subordinate to a listing or company, because surely an event belongs to an entity which should have the main listing. I’ve found the “related business” thing a bit awkward as well. I can’t see any advantage to having event listings that aren’t related to an individual or business. ???

  19. Hello from Amsterdam!

    I have a question about the Prices & Payments Add-on:
    Can I use this add-on withhout the claim Listings add-on? Or do they work “together”?

    Cheers, Jan

  20. Is there a way to use the Payment widget to manage client subscriptions? I would like to be able to sell a client an “enhanced listing” for their establishment, and then allow them to log on and add event listings on their own, without paying an additional fee, for a set period of time..

  21. Hello, some presales questions if you don’t mind:

    1) Can we charge membership packs and for signle listing or cpt?
    What i mean: a user pays for a membership so he can add 1 listing (his business) and X each custom post types like events?

    2) If it’s not a fuctionallity out of the box, is there any chance to be done as custom work or something by you or maybe you could suggest a developer to make it happen?

    3)Any plans to intergrate paysafe card?

    4) and more important! Will we be able to recieve offline payments fro clients?

    Thank you very much, i’d really appreciate reply.

    • Hi,

      1) at the moment it only works on a pay per listing model. There is no membership integration.
      2) we don’t provide custom development. Yes it could be done, but at the moment all developers that we know have the ability to do this, are working for us. Any good developer could be able to dig into the code and make it happen anyway.
      3) Not at the moment (1st time I hear about it)
      4) Yes you can get offline payments


    • Hi,

      we have never tested it. It could be compatible, but I doubt it will be integrated. The 2 plugin will not work in symbiosis, but most likely as separate entities.

      I don’t know of any membership plugin integrated with our plugin as of yet.


  22. Hi, from México, i purchase this extension for geodirectory, i need recibe payments on “pesos” but i cant, send me this message paypal : This recipient does not accept payment in MX. Please contact the store to ask him to update the payment receiving preferences to accept this currency. why?

    • Hi, as far as I know the Mexican pesos currency code is MXN, not MX. In any case you should ask to paypal what is the problem with your account. Our script has nothing to do with this.


  23. Any update on using recurring payments with I misunderstood your sales page and thought that all payment methods supported recurring payments.

    Someone else asked almost a year ago about it, and it sounded like it was coming.

    • It really depends what you want to do with it. If you run them as 2 separate entities, yes you can.

      If you want them to interact somehow, you will need to customize your site accordingly.


  24. I also want to know if we want to customize our local payment gateways. Can you offer some already developed payment gateways for us as an example?
    (It’s the first time for us to develop payment gateways besides woocommerce. )

    Thanks a lot.

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