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GD > Categories

GD > Categories is a dynamic element that displays categories for your Custom Post Types. Each category displayed is linked to the relevant archive page for the category.

Shows a list of GeoDirectory categories. Shows categories from a post type when used on a Detail page.
Use on any page or post, or use the advanced options and place in a template page.


GD Categories has a number of options, so read on to find out more.

Basic Options

title="My Title"

Advanced Options

Click on the blue button to open up the advanced options.


The icons shown are based on the following configuration:

  1. Restautant – Category Icon=Silverware, Category Color = Red
  2. Italian – Category Icon=None, Category Color = None
  3. Southern Italian – Category Icon=None, Category Color = White

These settings are available in the CPT – Categories (edit) . See Categories documentation here.


Read more about customizing with PHP and CSS snippets here.

/*GDV2 – GD Categories – Remove Background color for the list-item */
.geodir-categories-container ul li {
background: none!important;
/*GDV2 – GD Categories – Remove Background color for the left side */
.gd-cptcat-cat-left {
background: none!important;

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