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GD Post Meta is a powerful element for displaying the values of your Custom Fields.

Show Custom Fields in the Details Page Sidebar with GD Post Meta

Take control of icons and labels by using GD Post Meta as a widget to display a custom field.

As an example, here is how the post_title looks. On the top is the GD Post Meta output, and the bottom is the same field shown by GD Output Location.

GD Output Location, your custom field will always show icon+label+value.
GD Post Meta allows you to choose how your field is displayed.


  1. Choose the field you want to display – Open the field settings in the Custom Fields tab
  2. Open the advanced settings and find “Show in extra output locations” – Remove “Details page sidebar”
  3. With the advanced options still open find the “key” for your field and make a note of the value
  4. Open WP Backend – Appearance – Widgets – Find GD Post Meta widget and add it to the sidebar that shows on your listing details template.
  5. In the GD Post Meta widget options – choose the field you want to display by selecting the “key” value from the dropdown.
  6. Adjust other options to meet your needs, save, and then drag the widget up or down to adjust the display order.
  7. That’s it! Visit your details page to see the changes.

Widgets for GD Post Meta and GD Output Location. With GD Post Meta you can drag and drop to re-order the field display in the sidebar. Add a new GD Post Meta for each field that you want to display.


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