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Booking Marketplace

Create a vacation rental marketplace similar to Airbnb, VRBO, or with our Booking Marketplace

Are you looking for a powerful, feature-packed booking marketplace plugin to transform your Directory? Look no further! GeoDirectory’s WordPress Booking Marketplace Plugin offers a seamless booking experience that allows property owners to sell their bookings and lets you earn commissions effortlessly. Take full control of your marketplace with our easy-to-use and highly customizable plugin!

Top Features:

  1. Earn as you facilitate bookings: Take a commission on every booking made through your marketplace and even add an additional service fee to boost your revenue.
  2. Flexible payment options: Decide whether to collect full payment, a deposit, or no payment at all at the time of booking.
  3. Multiple cancellation policies: Offer a variety of cancellation policies that accommodation owners can select from, ensuring a fair and transparent booking experience for both parties.
  4. Secure payments with GetPaid: Exclusively use our reliable GetPaid plugin to collect and process all payments, ensuring a safe and secure transaction every time.
  5. Effortless withdrawals for owners: Payments to property owners are stored in their GetPaid wallet, allowing them to request a withdrawal at any time.
  6. Smart booking management: Set the time limit for pending bookings without payment before they’re automatically canceled.
  7. Customizable email notifications: Tailor all email communication to match your brand and provide the necessary information to both property owners and guests.
  8. Individual room bookings: Manage multiple rooms from one listing, with individual pricing and availability!

Property Owners’ Booking Functionality:

  1. Flexible pricing: Set a standard nightly price or create custom prices for individual days to optimize revenue.
  2. Attract more bookings with discounts: Offer incentives such as longer stay discounts, last-minute deals, and early bird specials to encourage more bookings.
  3. Control your booking rules: Set minimum and maximum stay lengths and restrict check-in and check-out days as needed.
  4. Block off dates: Easily block specific dates to prevent bookings during times when the property is unavailable.
  5. Rooms: Manage multiple rooms from one listing, all with their own pricing and availability.

Why choose GeoDirectory’s WordPress Booking Marketplace Plugin?

Our plugin provides all the essential tools and functionality to create a thriving booking marketplace that’s easy to manage, ensuring a seamless experience for both property owners and guests. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your WordPress website with the ultimate booking marketplace plugin. Purchase GeoDirectory’s WordPress Booking Marketplace Plugin today and revolutionize the way you do business online!

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