Real Estate Directory Theme

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Real Estate Directory Theme

Real Estate Listings is our latest block-based theme.  If you need a quick and beautiful Real Estate Directory, this is your theme!

Why it’s the best solution for a Real Estate Directory

Real Estate Listings theme was built using our latest technology, Bootstrap v5, the WordPress block editor and our BlockStrap Blocks page builder.  You get all the power of a page builder combined with our BlockStrap Blocks to create stunning layouts that are perfectly responsive on any device and super fast.  Using one of our new block based themes for your directory instead of a page builder means that no extra CSS or JS needs to be loaded which can improve site speeds.

Real Estate Directory Plugin

We have also released a Real Estate Directory plugin to accompany this theme.  This plugin can be used with any theme and adds several real estate-specific features to your site.


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Real Estate Directory Theme


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