Pricing Manager V2 BETA released

Now you can also accept payments via WooCommerce.

Today we released the 1st BETA version of the Pricing Manager Add-on for GeoDirectory V2.

You can download it from your account area now (v2.5+).

Pricing Manager

(First a quick note about versions:

Pricing Manager (PM) was already bumped to version 2 when it moved to supporting the Invoicing plugin as its payment gateway, so the version compatible with GDv2 is anything over v2.5+)

As with all the v2 add-ons it has been rewritten to have a more modernized code base and have a more solid foundation for future developments.

The goal of the first beta of PM was to retain all v1 functionality and add 1 big feature.

We have streamlined the settings with all packages now under their own respective CPT settings screen.

pricing manager v2 settings

Only a few main settings are in the new Pricing main settings area.

pricing manager v2 settings

Also a few new email template settings in the GD Email settings section.

New Feature: WooCommerce Support

The big new feature in PM is the support to be able to use WooCommerce as your payment gateway 🙂

Over the years we have been asked umpteen times if we support WooCommerce and our answer was always, “No, however we have our own lightweight dedicate payment system called Invoicing

Invoicing will still be our recommend option as it handles all taxes and EU tax calculations out of the box but those who already have WooCommerce installed for other reasons, or are accustomed to using WooCommerce, now they have the option for their listings owners to check out through WooCommerce instead of our Invoicing plugin.

You can have both installed, the Pricing Manager has a setting to select what one to use under the main settings.

Please report bugs in the dedicated forum as usual:

We hope you enjoy the new Pricing manager and the added value of the WooCommerce integration.

Published by Stiofan O'Connor

Stiofan O'Connor is the co-founder and CEO of AyeCode LTD. With his business partner Paolo, they are the makers of the GeoDirectory, UsersWP and Invoicing plugins for WordPress. He is a Full Stack developer specialized in WordPress development. Stiofan started building websites as a hobby in the early 2000s with PHP at first. He then moved to the CodeIgniter Web Framework for a while before discovering WordPress and ever since he never looked back. Today his WordPress themes and plugins are used with success by +100.000 active websites.