This addon extends the default GeoDirectory search widget by letting you filter search results by certain custom fields you may have added to your listings.

For example if you had added a custom select field “Pet Friendly” you could then filter results that only include pet friendly listings, this could be useful for hotels, café’s, bars etc.

You can also filter by multiple values, you could set up your directory so you could search for “Pet Friendly”, “Free WiFi” listings within 10 miles of the location you enter in the “Near” field.

This plugin also integrates well with our “GeoDirectory Custom Post Types” plugin to allow you to add different filter options per post type and also search per post type.

16 thoughts on “Advanced search filters

    • Yes, using a widget though, not a shortcode. Shortcodes are under construction and an addon for them will be released soon.

  1. Do the search filters also work for numerical values? E.g. there is a custom field for the average price of a meal in the restaurant listings and you can then filter the search for restaurants between 20 and 30 USD. Could a slider be added to select the min and max values of the filter?

    • Hi, the search filters work for numeric value too. A unique value should be used though (20 or 30). There is no way currently to define between 20 and 30. To get a slider to define the price in the search form, it would require a customization.

  2. Hi paolo,
    My optimal search bar would have category, zip, and radius options without going into the “advanced search”. Also I would like to hide the “search for” input area. Would this be possible?

    • Not without a customization. Currently, as you can see on our demo, category and radius can only be added in the advance search part.

  3. Also on your demo site.. as soon as choose a category from the dropdown menu on the search bar the map disappears and im given a list of stores in that category before I even hit “search”. Is there a way to select a category, then location, then the results only appear after I hit “search”? And I would like the map to still be visable even after I hit search button instead of it automatically dissapearing. Is this possible? Thanks in advance!

    • Yes the map can be visible on top on search results too.

      The 1st select are not category though. they are custom post types and once selected it redirect you to the list of only that custom post type.

      This will be soon changed though and will work similarly to what you described.


  4. Can this placed on the left hand nav? Similar to a facted navigation? This is what I am looking for.

    If so can you tell me how difficult this will be?

    • Hi,

      it’s a widget, so it can be dragged and dropped in any widget area. If you theme provides a left hand nav widget area, it is very easy.


  5. Hi,
    I need two clarifications here…1)Can I create custom fields for each category and search them. For example In Category Auto has fields Brand, year, mileage, color, price..etc. but for a category Real estate I need fields type, area, furnished etc.
    2) Is it possible to create relation fields…for example if I select state Colorado in the state field…the city field should display only cities in Colorado


    • Hi,

      for the 1st question, you can create price or custom post type dependent custom fields, not for every single category. For the second question, that’s exactly how it works.


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