Our Events addon is a custom post type specifically designed for the way events are prioritized by dates.

With this plugin you can let users add their events to your site. Events are ordered by upcoming date by default. Users can enter recurring dates for their events instead of having to create lots of separate events. As this is also a custom post type you have the usual ability to add custom fields and sort options.

Events perfectly integrates with all other GeoDirectory addons.




9 thoughts on “Events

  1. i just buy the suscription but i don’t know where and how to downloaded the addons…
    it’s very strange..

    • Hi, after paying on Paypal, the system sends an email to the address linked to your paypal account for verification purposes.
      Once verified tha account, you can login and find the download links in your profile page.
      Let me know if this helped sorting things out for you.

  2. Can events and listings be shown on the same map?

    For example, on the home page it would be ideal to show both listings and events.

    • Hi,
      GD has been designed to show 1 Custom Post Type at a time. Given the possibility to add unlimited custom post type and categories, a global view of all listing in all custom post type, would make the map potentially load very slow.

  3. Just wondering if this has a pre-built upcoming events widget? Specifically looking to display next X events at specific venue (business) and have multiple instances on same page which would be something like Upcoming Events at Featured Venues? Obviously wouldn’t be hugely difficult to create, but Events Calender Pro has a pre-built Upcoming Events at Specific Venue widget which serves the purpose and will be a real time saver there’s not something similar here, or a simple way to achieve with the core geodirectory widgets?

  4. Hi

    May be a silly question, but if I buy the 6 month subscription, do I get access to all the current addons, such as Events and Multilocation, as well as future releases? It would make it cheaper than buying them one by one!



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