This addon will check if a user is about to add a duplicate entry, by checking if the title of his new submission is already present in the database.

Should that be the case, the addon will alert the user to verify if the entry has indeed been previously added.

8 thoughts on “Ajax Duplicate alert

  1. If duplicate entry found, would it be possible to allow the user to pick the already existing entry and submit a place? This will allow the user to submit same business at multiple locations.

    • Hi,

      currently the system doesn’t allow to add places in multiple locations, but it is in our to do list…

      Thanks for the suggestion,

  2. Would it be possible to have it recognize the address instead of the name. A user may put in a duplicate entry with a slightly different name such as The XYZ company instead of XYZ company

    • Hi Andres, you can do more, for each custom post type you can set if the check is to be made for :

      Listing Title


  3. If two entries are found to be the same, does the admin combine the two? And can any comments, reviews on the duplicate be moved into the original entry?

    • Hi,

      natively there is no such option. It would require a very complex SQL statement…


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