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The GeoDirectory Events add-on is a compelling way to feature events in your directory, using Custom Post Types (CPT). The add-on creates the CPT Events, by adding time and date to a standard listing. Users can now choose to list a place or an event.

Do you host the same event every week or every month? You can set events as recurring daily, weekly, monthly, annual events and even pick custom dates, to save entering a separate one-off listing each time.

It’s easy to sort events by selecting “upcoming,” “today,” “past” or “all” and display custom events lists, grids and a simple events calendar anywhere using widgets. By default, events are ordered with the upcoming event first.

And since “Events” is a CPT, you can add custom fields and sort options as you would with any other CPT.

Video Walkthrough

If you already have the Prices and Payments add-on installed in your site, the submission of recurring events can be enabled or disabled per price package.

With the Advanced Search Filters add-on, you can search events by dates too.



Non Recurring


Recurring Daily


Recurring Weekly


Recurring Monthly


Recurring Yearly


Recurring Custom

42 thoughts on “Events

  1. i just buy the suscription but i don’t know where and how to downloaded the addons…
    it’s very strange..

    • Hi, after paying on Paypal, the system sends an email to the address linked to your paypal account for verification purposes.
      Once verified tha account, you can login and find the download links in your profile page.
      Let me know if this helped sorting things out for you.

  2. Can events and listings be shown on the same map?

    For example, on the home page it would be ideal to show both listings and events.

    • Hi,
      GD has been designed to show 1 Custom Post Type at a time. Given the possibility to add unlimited custom post type and categories, a global view of all listing in all custom post type, would make the map potentially load very slow.

  3. Just wondering if this has a pre-built upcoming events widget? Specifically looking to display next X events at specific venue (business) and have multiple instances on same page which would be something like Upcoming Events at Featured Venues? Obviously wouldn’t be hugely difficult to create, but Events Calender Pro has a pre-built Upcoming Events at Specific Venue widget which serves the purpose and will be a real time saver there’s not something similar here, or a simple way to achieve with the core geodirectory widgets?

  4. Hi

    May be a silly question, but if I buy the 6 month subscription, do I get access to all the current addons, such as Events and Multilocation, as well as future releases? It would make it cheaper than buying them one by one!



  5. Hi~ I’m Thinking about buying event or CPT plugin.
    What’s the difference between those two plugins?
    I think they’re similar.

    • CPT are all like places. While events (still a CPT) has different fields specific to events, like start and end date/time.

  6. Hello,
    first of all, Excuse me for mistakes i do in English but I’m French.
    I installed GeoDirectory on my homepage and I am satisfied. Now I reflect to install “events plugin” but I want that this one appears on another page of my website. Before my purchase, I wanted to know if it was possible.
    Best regards, stef.

  7. Hello, excuse me but I do not understand how to create a page where I can view events. Please help me. Best regards.

  8. Thank you for your reply. Looking now has personalized the “events” page. Can you tell me the way to follow since there is nothing in the widget wordpress section. I was very happy with the plugin Geodirectory multilocation but I find that the plugin event is more difficult to configure. Regards, Stephane.

  9. Do events appear on the “home page” of the business/person that put the event up? Can this be achieved with widgets or something? Many thanks for helping :-)

    • Hi,

      currently there is no “member” page showing listings or events entered.

      It is in our todo list, but I can’t provide any ETA for this.


  10. I would like to purchase events but I’m wondering if events can be mapped with places of the Geodirectory plugin. For example, can I assign an existing place to an event (it’s venue actually) or vice versa (assign events to a place)?

  11. Can I change “Events” to another term for my industry? For instance, instead of saying Events I’d like to say Retreats and Workshops. Is that possible?

    I also have Teacher Trainings which are also a type of event. Would I need two Event custom post types?

  12. If I get the core and buy the events addon can I use this as an events only directory?
    I don’t want any business or place listings, just an events only directory. Will this work for that?

  13. Is it possible to have an event that runs over multiple days & times appear only ONCE in the event listing page and only ONCE on that place’s ‘events’ tab area?

    I created a test event for a play (at a theatre) which is running 7 shows over 1 week, and the play information filled up the events/listings page (appearing 7 times on the ‘upcoming’ events listing page… which isn’t what I was hoping for).

    Is it possible to configure it to not do that?

  14. Is it possible to have a calendar on each “place page”, so each venue can set its own event calendar?

    • If a listing owner links his place with its events, a list of events will appear in the listing page. Using the calendar for this is not an option though.

  15. Hi, does Events add-on integrate with Prices and Payments add-on, so we can have tiered event listing packages (e.g. bronze, silver, gold etc)

  16. Hi
    Does the events plugin handle multiple date events without creating a new listing for each day? I.e an event running for 3 consecutive days appears only once on the listings directory instead of 3 times.


    • Hi,
      Not without a customization. Currently it only highlights dates where 1 or more events are occuring.

  17. Hi, please I have a few questions:

    1) can users subscribe to an event? (it’s a kind of “I will participate”)
    2) if so, can we show a list of all events that a user has subscribed to?
    3) for each of these events, can the user enter some personal informations (eg. finish time, split times, etc.)

    many thanks

    • Hi,

      1) no, we don’t have this feature at the moment
      2) see 1
      3) yes, those are default fields and you can add custom fields for anything else.


  18. Hi I am Web Developer and building website on Geo Directory. I have problem with the single event page. The problem is Map is not showing on single event page. Can you let me know is there any special settings for that ?


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